The new government decision regarding the salaries of retirees / a shock to the new retirees by reducing their salaries by 40%

Wali Ismaili, the first deputy head of the Social Committee of the Islamic Council of Parliament, said regarding some reforms related to retirees: Look, the discussion that is being discussed now is to change the average pension from the past two years to the past five years, and we are dealing with this issue in a way that we disagree with the current situation, of course we have not received The Seventh Development Plan has been formalized so far, and it may undergo changes and amendments until it is sent to Parliament, but if that happens in the same five years, we are definitely against it.

He continued: Considering that most of our citizens who are about to retire plan their lives on the basis of two years, this matter will harm their livelihood after retirement. The important point in this matter is that if the average salary increases from 2 years to 5 years under the current conditions, the salaries of retirees subject to it will decrease by 40%.

Ismaili explained: On the other hand, one of the ways to empower pension funds is through these reforms, and we are trying to fix this problem during a five-year planning period, instead of adding three years at once and harming part of society. He said about the proposed alternative path: Of course, this issue should be investigated and decided in the committee, but my personal opinion is that 8 months should be added every year, so that it can be done step by step. .

And the deputy head of the Social Committee stated, in response to a question regarding “the issue of raising the retirement age in the Seventh Plan, which is said to be aimed at helping pension funds”: This issue is certainly to enable our money, which is on the verge of bankruptcy. It will be beneficial, but you should pay attention to the fact that this matter must be done in stages, in a certain period of time and with a gentle slope, so as not to harm the target community.

He explained: But in general, this is one of the things that can have a stable income for the funds and help in the structural and systemic reform of the funds.

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