The President of the Republic presents the Ministers of Labour, Security and Trade to the House of Representatives at the same time

A member of the Islamic Cabinet Social Committee said about the president’s failure to nominate ministers for cooperatives, labor and social welfare: Based on our investigations, the president said he would nominate three ministers to work. Peace and Trade Together for Parliament.

And he said in an interview with reporters, when the Minister of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare was supposed to be presented to Parliament: The president has legally three months to present his proposed option.

He said: Based on the inquiry and the information available to us, and after determining the status of the Ministry of Silence and the formation of the Ministry of Commerce, the President would like to present three ministers together.

A member of the Social Committee of the Islamic Council, in response to a question about whether the deadline for submitting the Minister of Cooperation will not end until after determining the work of the Ministry of Commerce, said: There should be a deadline. Because the government has not submitted a bill yet and has not taken a decision on the work, the position of the Ministry of Labor is not good if it remains the same and almost reaches a dead end in the ministry and the center. All its branches do not move from the current minister.

In response to a question about whether the Social Committee has orders in this regard or not, Ahwaz MPs in Parliament issued verbal orders. In meetings, the answer lies in research. There are options.

Hojjatullah Abdul Malik was elected Minister of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare by a vote of confidence of the members of the House of Representatives in the meeting of ministers proposed for the thirteenth government, and the president also resigned from his position on the fourth of June. this year. Muhammad Hadi Zahedi Wafa was appointed to the position of Prime Minister. Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare.

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