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Online News Agency – Provincial Group: Qazvin Province is the state’s connection route from east to west and from north to south, which is why more than 25% of the country’s traffic comes from the hubs of this province, and this increases its importance. Providing infrastructure in this province.

Meanwhile, Caspian Province plays an important and unique role in the country in various fields, including agriculture and tourism.

In addition to the mentioned features, Kezvin should be considered an industrial district. Over the past years, the governorate’s non-oil exports have exceeded 748,000 tons.

The increase in traffic, industrial, tourism and agricultural capacities in the governorate indicates that attention to the transport infrastructure in the governorate should be a principle.

In the meantime, the feeling of need to increase railways and more importantly airport construction has grown in recent years.

Air taxis provide tourist attractions

Tourist activist Ali Muhammadiha Online said in an interview with Ali Muhammadiha Online: Khazfin Governorate is an unknown city despite its many tourist attractions because tourists do not see it as a tourist destination. This county is a tourist destination and spend hours for fun and shopping. spend in the province.

Mohammadi said: Railways and airports are the main means of communication for tourists, but unfortunately no measures have been taken to solve their problems and infrastructure.

He says: It is possible to build an airport in Kezvin County and perhaps buy land around the airport, which can be used as an airport, and is currently operating as the Spree. The airport cannot be built, and this is an obscure aspect to us.

If we want to transfer the airport at a time I think Mehrabad airport is a domestic airport, it has a lot of facilities and capital and not less than 20 years, of course we have to move the airport forward. an airport.

The presence of the Special Agricultural Services Airport, which has an academic function, has led to an emphasis on the development and enhancement of the airport in the last decade when the structure of the airport was discussed.

In the meantime, some experts do not consider the development of the airport or the creation of the Khaguvin airport from a financial point of view.

It is not cost-effective to build a large airport

Alireza Manjari, a former vice president of the Civil Aviation Organization and an aviation industry expert, said in a conversation with an online reporter: The proximity of Kizvin to Tehran and Payam Karaj Airport is incompatible with the construction of the largest airport in the region.

He continued: The presence of a small airport with sprinklers and educational functions created the impression that the airport is being developed.

Aviation industry experts added: Currently, it is good to use this airport for small destinations, but converting it into a large airport is not cost-effective because the number of aircraft installed in it is very small.

Manjari says: The current Caspian Airport can be converted into an airport for AIRTAXI or Air Taxi transfer with the fewest number of passengers in this province.

Transferring Mehrabad Airport to Abikou does not make sense

On the other hand, there is still a desire to establish an airport in the province, as people and airport officials cite where the Kazuin people’s representative suggested establishing an airport in APEC. Or Mehrabad airport transfer to this city.

Lutfullah Syakli, representative of the people of Caspian, Alborz and your father in the Islamic Council, Aban 1400, referring to APEC airport as a viable issue, said that the southern APEC region could be the new location of Mehrabad Airport.

Opening of Caspian Airport in a profitable economic transformation

But Manjari, an aviation industry expert, rejected this proposal as impossible and believed that Mehrabad Airport could not be moved to Abiko.

He says: If we want to transfer the airport, then when I think that Mehrabad airport is a domestic airport with many facilities and capital and not less than 20 years, then it is normal that we move the airport forward. an airport..

The former representatives of the Civil Aviation Organization continue: Small airports such as Caspian and Payam should be used as air taxis because they are not economical.

The president asked to study the airport in Kezvin

Given all these conditions and listening to the pros and cons, it seems that Kezvin should put the public demand of these people on the agenda.

The importance of the issue is so great that Hojjat al-Islam Raisi during his trip to Khazvin in May, referring to this general requirement, considers it important to pay attention to the Khazvin airport.

Railways and the airport are the main means of communication for tourists, but unfortunately no measures have been taken to solve its problems and infrastructure.

In the governing body of the presidency and a group of directors and ministers of Khazvin Province, Khazvin’s proximity to Tehran should not impede the development of the province.

He explained that the airport has its own function, explaining that Khazvin’s proximity to the capital is not a good reason for the lack of an airport in the province.

At this meeting, the Thirteen Heads of Government discussed the need to investigate the construction of Khajuen Airport and in the end said: One of the basic needs of Qazvin is to study and build an airport and metro. agenda.

Part of the requirements are met by launching an air taxi

The promising investigation of the airport in Caspian is elusive, and the combination of advantages and disadvantages seems impossible, and we are witnessing its realization with a detailed study project.

The realization of air taxi provides a part of the needs of the people of Kwazuen Prefecture in low traffic especially within the country, and this matter should be taken into account by the Prefecture and the authorities.

Given the order of the President of the Republic to review this project and the strict view that the development of Khazvin should not be stopped due to its proximity to the capital, it is time for the Ministry of Roads to take basic steps in this regard. A conversation with the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad

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