The discovery of the destruction of a gang of skimmers west of Tehran / 1200 bank cards – Electronic News Agency | Iran and world news

Colonel Seyed Nizam Mousavi, in a conversation with an online reporter, reported on members of a bank card copying gang in western Tehran province, and added: This gang used to make unauthorized withdrawals from people’s bank accounts by copying their bank cards.

Explaining the details of this news, the chief of the tribal areas police in western Tehran province said: Referring to a large number of losers in Shahryar’s property regarding unauthorized withdrawals from their accounts despite having their bank cards with them, police experts in the Federal Tribal Area entered the matter and investigated They went to a store and arrived in one of the western cities of Tehran Province.

He added: We met the kiosk operator and he mentioned that he met someone on the wall site who tried to rent the machine. skimmer He did, from this gang skimmer Colt waist gun, two stolen license plates for Money laundering1200 cards were scanned and discovered.

Mousavi said: Our estimates are that more than two thousand to three thousand cards were copied by this gang and four to five people as such his money They were active in this gang, just over 400 cards were copied from a booth in Pasdaran, Tehran.

He added: The investigation into this case is still ongoing.

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