The most beautiful picture of “Ma” and “Imam”

For me, the most beautiful picture of the Imam is this one where Imam Ruhollah sits in the center and the nation seems to have let go of its bonds to listen to his words.

Isnables: Someone once told me that he was only eight years old in Khordad 68. He remembered a picture when the radio was working in their house. He wanted to go for an exam when the radio announced the death of the imam. He said that I passed out on the table. We had no idea about life after the imam. The world has ended. For years, I tried to make sense of these sentences for myself. What is the type of imam who misses the child from the pain of his absence?

For a generation that has not seen Imam Khomeini. The beginning of the life of the imam is a kind old man who spills tea on textbooks, kisses children’s faces and laughs at their faces. An old man with a long beard and a small hat or turban on his head, whose name and crest can be seen in the photo album of mothers and fathers from the 1960s. Couples put the imam’s picture in their wedding photos or take a souvenir photo of the imam’s picture on the feast after the feast and deliver their year next to the imam’s picture. The imam was a divine image for children who were looking for a face and an image of God in their minds and found it in an old man with a long white beard and always smiling. An old man because of whom children used to ride on their parents’ shoulders to reach his hand.

The most beautiful picture of

The man on the first page of the textbooks who had God in his first name and it was as if God had breathed into his soul in a different way, but we only got his photos and videos, and for me the most beautiful picture of the imam. This is an image where Imam Ruhollah sits in the midst of it as if a nation had abandoned its bonds to hear his words. It seems that this exciting picture contains all the concepts of the Islamic Revolution in 1957. If they say, what is the goal of the Islamic Revolution for the Iranian people? It can be said that this is the picture. If they say, what are the ideals of Imam Ruhollah? It can be said that this is the picture. If they say who are the owners of the Islamic Revolution? It can be said that this is the picture.

The imam of that twentieth century sent a prophet, this savior came before the promised time, restoring faith in his coming. The savior for whom the nation liberates the shoes, the hats, the bodies and the souls from the bonds of dependence. That man who was a manifestation of the Spirit of God came to give us His words with His Spirit. We haven’t even seen the imam he looked for in pictures, memories, and books, and now this spirit is the voice of them all.

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