The shortage of some medical materials must be resolved immediately and the defaulters treated

Referring to reports that speak of a shortage of some medical materials, the President ordered the relevant authorities to quickly provide these materials, meet people’s needs, follow up the cause of the possible shortage in detail, and deal with each individual. Or treat group fail in this regard.

According to the informants, Syed Ibrahim Raisi stressed that implementing the travel approvals for the governorates is one of the priorities of the executive bodies at the cabinet meeting held this afternoon, Sunday, and added: There are priorities, among them the importance, in implementing these approvals. The necessity of implementing the plan, the level of progress and how to provide its resources must be taken into consideration so that the results of the regional trips are objective and objective for the people.

In another part of his speech, the President, referring to the reports received about the shortage of some medical materials, obligated the concerned authorities to quickly purchase the above-mentioned materials and meet the needs of the people by following up on the possible reason behind this happening. This deficiency. People. In detailing and approaching any person or group in the field, they failed to deal with it properly.

Raisi also appreciated the attendance of some government officials in public and student meetings and considered the presence of other officials in public and student gatherings as an effective measure in clearing their suspicions.

He stressed the efforts of the executive agencies to complete the smart government as soon as possible.

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