Statistics of Red Crescent Nowruz services for travelers

The official spokesman for the Nowruz projects affiliated with the Red Crescent Society was briefed on the efforts and participation of about 215,000 members / day of members of this community throughout the country and the provision of 2 million 874 thousand 701 services to the people of Newroz and its journey.

According to the informants and quoting the Red Crescent Society’s media base, Salimi is at the meeting of the Red Crescent’s Nowruz service headquarters today, in the presence of the president of the association, the head of the Crisis Management Authority, deputies and officials, as well as the presence of parliamentarians and internet governors in some provinces and CEOs of the Red Crescent. He was held in the country, To announce the general statistics of Nowruz services to the population in the form of relief projects, humanitarian services, treatment, medicine, and rehabilitation. Services, he said: From March 24 until the end of last night, the seventh of April, 2 million 874 thousand and 701 people / Nowruz services for citizens in the form of relief projects, youth humanitarian services, Hilal Rahmat campaign, as well as treatment and rehabilitation services and Hajj exams at the state level .

Salimi explained that during this period, 42 thousand 111 people benefited from the relief services provided by the Red Crescent, and 71 thousand 34 living packages were distributed to the needy in the form of the Houmt Rahmat project, adding that with the participation of the Red Crescent youth, more than 2 million 547 thousand and 726 people / Humanitarian services that include guiding travelers, setting up prayer tents, first aid, and first aid training during Nowruz and at the beginnings and exits of cities for travelers.

Referring to the beginning of the examinations of state pilgrims, he said: In cooperation with 4,180 doctors, an examination of 8,392 pilgrims was carried out by the end of last day, and during these days 66,647 rehabilitation, medical and treatment services were provided. The people were provided with the efforts of the medical and treatment staff of the Red Crescent.

Finally, the official spokesman for the Nowruz service plans for the Red Crescent community indicated that the Red Crescent has been providing Newroz services since March 24, with the participation of 214,783 people / day, including human resource youth, aid workers, volunteers, and the association’s employees. Red Crescent.

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