The need to eliminate insecurity in medical centers in Tehran

A member of the Tehran City Council stressed the importance of solving the problem of insecurity in medical buildings, and said, “During crises and disasters, such places should calm down and relieve citizens’ concerns, rather than being a problem for the city.”

According to the informants, At the 80th meeting of the Committee on Health, Environment and Urban Services, which was held this evening at the Fire Department and Safety Services in Tehran, referring to the systematic structure of the fire department, Sodah Najafi said: The fire department is like a paramilitary organization and is similar to other municipal organizations, Tehran is different and should be viewed from Where funding and powers.

He continued, “The various items that were seen in the implementation of the Fourth Development Plan were largely implemented in the Fire Department, and this is impressive, and the Fire Department is one of the few organizations that has taken such a successful step.”

Najafi, in his support for hiring firefighters, pointed out that this is a very good job that has been included in the plans of the fire department. The presence of women in emergencies would be very effective and hopefully there will be capacity for female firefighters in recruitment programmes.

He said: Issues related to smart building, purchasing firefighting equipment, securing firefighting vehicles, continuous training for firefighters and updating their knowledge, holding psychological counseling and psychology courses for firefighters and their families, and periodic checks for employees are among the issues of concern. For the city council, which must be pursued seriously.

A member of the Tehran City Council emphasized: It is very important for us to solve the problem of insecurity in medical buildings because during crises and disasters, such places should calm down, ease the concerns of citizens, and not be a problem for the city.

The necessity of scientific management of fire fighting organization

In the continuation of this meeting, Mehdi Babaei, another member of the Tehran City Council, pointed out the importance of preventing accidents and said: Our priority in the Tehran City Council is prevention and the necessary measures to prevent accidents and fires, because by investigating various accidents, we discover their source, most house fires Similar and we need to increase investment in this area.

He added, “Protecting people’s lives and property and the safety of firefighters working at the site of fire and accidents is also very important, and we must take advantage of cultural and educational measures in the direction of prevention, and the capabilities of radio, television and other media to inculcate cultural teachings and raise the level of “Let us use the culture of safety in the city and citizens.

Babaei stressed that the firefighting apparatus must be managed in a scientific way, and Babaei said: It is also necessary to use the capabilities of the firefighting training center to improve productivity and train firefighters in Tehran and other cities, and to give priority to training volunteers and personnel. We must also use the capacity of permanent homes and volunteers when incidents occur and synergize together.

Referring to supporting local production in the supply of firefighting equipment, he added: Elites must be used to supply equipment, and in order to support local production, locally produced equipment must be used.

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