Urban management approach in Tehran to drive projects with citizen participation / Completion of Shahid Boroujerdi Highway; almost

Today, the Mayor of Tehran went to the 18th district of the capital in his fourteenth series of visits to the regions of Tehran under the title of the appointment plan.

According to the informants, Alireza Zakani’s visit to the District 18 Martyrs Museum and the visit to the shrine of the unknown martyr was his first program in this visit.

Urban management approach in Tehran to drive projects with citizen participation / Completion of Shahid Boroujerdi Highway;  almost

After that, the Mayor of Tehran paid a field visit to various projects in the 18th district and was closely informed of their implementation process. The meeting with the region’s affiliates was also one of the plans of the mayor of Tehran today in his appointment.

In another part of the appointment program, the mayor of Tehran appeared in a mosque this afternoon and sat directly and without intermediaries for the talks and demands of the citizens of the eighteenth district of Tehran, after which he visited the families of the martyrs.

Visit of the Mayor of Tehran to Hakim Children’s Hospital, Bahman Automobile Company and Shahid Boroujerdi Highway

Zakani headed to Al-Hakim Children’s Hospital for his first field visit to District 18 projects. This specialized hospital has the latest equipment and treatment clinics, and soon all its departments will be ready to receive patients.

The Bahman Automobile Factory was the second destination for the Mayor of Tehran in District 18; Zakani visited this car company and visited the latest products related to Bahman Automotive Transportation.

Then, in his last field visit, the Mayor of Tehran went to the half-finished project of Shahid Boroujerdi Highway and was closely informed about the issues related to it. The completion of this project is one of the top priorities of the urban administration of Tehran and is expected to be completed next year.

Ali Reza Zakani said this afternoon, in continuation of the fourteenth service appointments program in the Sahib al-Zaman Mosque (Peace be upon him) in the eighteenth district and in the congregation of worshipers: Justice is one of the goals emphasized by the Iranian Islamic Revolution. Justice in the urban landscape means creating equal opportunity and opportunity for all; Accordingly, if we examine the conditions of District 18, we can see that this district has a serious gap with other parts of Tehran in terms of the availability of facilities, and we are trying to compensate for this gap.

citizen participation in projects; urban management approach

He added: The approach of the Urban Management Complex is to advance its projects with the participation of citizens; People’s participation in governance is one of the manifestations of religious democracy, which was emphasized by the imams of the revolution. On this basis, last month in the “I am the mayor” project, about 4 thousand billion tomans were allocated from budget resources to various urban areas. Projects by choosing people.

We are forced to respond to people

Indicating a responsible approach to the group under his leadership, the mayor of Tehran said: From the beginning, we emphasized that we bear responsibility for all matters related to Tehran and consider ourselves obligated to respond in front of the people.

Zakani stressed: Even in matters that are not directly assigned to the municipality of Tehran, we consider ourselves responsible and help other institutions to do their work properly. In this regard, we may mention the formation of a social camp; Although the municipality of Tehran does not have a direct legal duty regarding the organization of drug addicts, after the establishment of the social camp, it hosted four thousand drug addicts in its support centers.

The construction of 30,000 housing units has begun

The mayor of Tehran stated: In the field of housing construction, the municipality is not directly responsible, but by establishing the housing center, we were able to conclude a memorandum of understanding for the construction of 400,000 different units, of which the construction of 30,000 units has already begun. These notes come apart from the work being done in the field of regeneration of worn-out tissue; In this regard, the 18th district of Tehran set a record with a growth of 400% in the renewal of worn-out fabrics.

Urban management approach in Tehran to drive projects with citizen participation / Completion of Shahid Boroujerdi Highway;  almost

Referring to the challenges in Area 18, he said: This area, with all its potential, has been neglected over the past years. According to our justice-oriented approach, more attention will be paid to Area 18, and by turning threats into opportunities, the face of this part of Tehran will soon change.

In this regard, Zakani added: For example, the half-finished Martyr Boroujerdi project, whose abandonment has caused discontent among citizens for years, will be completed soon in the coming months, or the living conditions of citizens will be better with the design. From the urban management complex in connection with sand excavations

Establishing knowledge companies in the vicinity of Al-Hakim Children’s Hospital

Zakani also referred to his field visit to Al-Hakim Hospital and said: Among the positive events in District 18 is the establishment of Al-Hakim Hospital. This hospital is more advanced in all respects than other specialized centers for children in Tehran; It was also decided to establish knowledge-based companies around this medical center on a land of 25 hectares to carry out their research work.

Urban management approach in Tehran to drive projects with citizen participation / Completion of Shahid Boroujerdi Highway;  almost

The Islamic Revolution saved the Iranian nation from historical oppression

According to the report of the Shahr website, in the last part of his speech, the mayor of Tehran indicated that the Islamic Revolution saved the Iranian nation from historical oppression, and the people gained the blessing of independence, freedom, spirituality, progress, etc. After 44 years, we are still far from the goals of the revolution, and we must make up for this gap by serving the people.

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