The armed gold store robber was arrested minutes after the robbery

The Deputy Chief of the Prevention Police in Greater Tehran announced the arrest of the armed thief of the gold shop in the Namjoo neighborhood moments after the theft.

According to the informants, Explaining the details of this news, Colonel Muhammad Qasim Tarhani said: After the police emergency center 110 announced that an armed robbery had taken place on a gold store in the Namjoo neighborhood, the operations team of the police station of this place was immediately dispatched. To the declared site with full equipment.

Referring to the presence of agents at the scene, the deputy chief of the Greater Tehran Prevention Police said: In the process, with the timely presence of agents at the scene, the thief was disarmed and arrested, and a bag containing the stolen gold was taken. He was also discovered and taken to the police station along with the accused.

He also said about the amount of gold stolen by the arrested thief: In the preliminary investigation, 62 gold bracelets were discovered that were stolen moments ago and seized from the bag of the arrested suspect.

Tarhani said that the accused is 39 years old, and he said: After he was transferred to the police headquarters, this person was interrogated, during which he confessed to breaking the glass of the gold shop and stealing the gold from the shop window.

The deputy chief of the Greater Tehran Prevention Police stated that in this incident, the speed of work, intelligence and dignity of the police in managing the site and arresting the suspects was remarkable and fruitful, and indicated that further investigations are underway to discover the possibility of crimes and the details of the case. A case has been filed against this accused and it is under investigation.

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