Congestion in 3 transportation axes / snowfall and rain on the roads of 7 governorates

The head of the Information and Traffic Control Center at Faraj Road Police reported that snow and rain fell on the roads of seven governorates in the country.

Colonel Ahmed Al-Shirani in an interview with reporters. Regarding the traffic situation on the country’s roads, he said: According to reports from the traffic control centers of the traffic police across the country, the traffic bridge on the Khazfin-Karaj-Tehran axis is located between Imamzadeh Taher and Mehrshahr and between Muhammad Shahr. and Vardis. A similar case was also reported between Garmadara Bridge and Kalak and Mehrshahr district on the Tehran-Karaj-Khuzestan highway and on the Tehran-Shahriyar axis.

He also said about the weather on the country’s roads: Reports indicate rain in some areas of Ilam and Kermanshah provinces. Snowfall was reported in some regions of Isfahan, Shahrmahal, Bakhtiari, Lorestan, Markazia, and Hamadan. In winter, drivers should bring winter gear, especially chains. Another tip for traveling in the winter is to fill up the car’s tank at the start of the trip, eat enough food, and warm clothes.

Referring to meteorological forecasts for snow and rain in 10 provinces of the country, Al-Shirani said: There is a possibility of snow and rain in the provinces of Ilam, Khuzestan, Lorestan, Chaharmahal, Bakhtiari, Kogiluyeh and Boyer Ahmed from today to Saturday. Bushehr, Fars, Isfahan, Hamadan. And Kermanshah, therefore, it is necessary for drivers to drive more carefully, and while avoiding illegal speeding and illegal overtaking, they must maintain an appropriate distance of length with the vehicle in front of them.

The head of the Traffic Information and Control Center on Faraj Road said about the axes that have traffic bans or restrictions: The old Khorramabad-Boldakhter axis is closed until further notice, and traffic is on the alternative Khorramabad-Bol road. Apart from Zal Highway and Khoramabad-Kohdasht axis, Rejan-Iranshahr axis, Hashtegerd-Talghan New, Gangname-Tuserkan, Lasem-Arjamand, Vauzak-Baladeh, Sarovabad-Paveh and Seshet-Badna are closed until further notice.

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Important points drivers should follow in winter

Take these tips seriously when driving on snowy or rainy days

Announcing the number 120, Al-Shirani asked drivers and passengers to call this number before starting their journey and choose the most appropriate time and route for their journey by knowing the latest weather conditions and traffic on the roads as well as hubs and obstacles. Traffic restrictions

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