A detailed and complete investigation was conducted into the examination and autopsy of Mahsa Amini’s corpse

The country’s forensic authority has announced this organization’s actions to determine the cause of Mahsa Amini’s death.

According to the informants, quoting the General Department of Public Relations and International Affairs of the State Forensic Medicine Authority, the text of this announcement is as follows:

Following the order of the respected Tehran Public Prosecutor regarding the special handling of this case, the General Department of Forensic Medicine of Tehran Province immediately sent the experienced colleagues to this institution and examined him in the hospital and was in the process of forming a special committee. The news of his death was reported. After knowing the death of the deceased and by order of the respected judicial authority, the body of the deceased was transferred to the autopsy hall of the Diagnostic Center and Laboratory in Tehran Province, and a team of experienced forensic experts was formed. An autopsy was done.

While dealing with this case, a detailed and complete investigation was conducted in the examination and autopsy, and all criteria and indicators were taken to determine the cause of death, the external examination and the internal organs of the body and the necessary samples were taken. From body tissues and internal organs and sent to specialized laboratories. Immediately upon receiving the results of the submitted examinations, taking into account the results of the examinations, autopsies, hospital records and medical documents, as well as obtaining the special theory of the desired fields in the form of a special medical committee that was requested. It will be formed by the esteemed Public Prosecutor of the General Department of Forensic Medicine in Tehran Province, after which the procedure and result will be sent to the esteemed judicial authority to determine the cause of death.

Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman, was arrested by an guidance patrol last Wednesday, and on the same day she was declared paralyzed in the Ministerial Detention Center in Tehran. He was in a coma at Kasari Hospital and died on Friday afternoon.

And the Tehran police confirmed, on Thursday, that Mahsa Amini had a heart attack after she was arrested by the police station, and explained: A woman was presented to the Greater Tehran Police for justification and training and was suddenly directed to suddenly suffer a heart attack.

The President, who traveled to Uzbekistan to participate in the Shanghai Summit, ordered the Minister of the Interior to follow up and investigate the tragic incident of Mahsa Amini.

The body of Mahsa Amini was buried today in Sakog. In addition to the family and relatives of the deceased, a large number of people and many officials in Saxe County attended the funeral.

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