The capital drilling licensing services price invoice has been approved

Members of the Tehran City Council approved the new formula for calculating prices for drilling licensing services by a majority vote.

According to the informants, In the 136th session of the Islamic Council of Tehran, members of the Tehran City Council had to revise the price bill for drilling licensing services, and fixing the price of these services is a bill prepared by the Tehran Municipality.

He added, “In fact, in accordance with the sustainable revenue laws for municipalities and the notification of the Ministry of Interior’s service schedule for excavating, polishing and repairing asphalt roads, this law has been prepared.

In the continuation of this meeting, Shabani, deputy technical engineer of the Tehran municipality, said: Transparency has been taken into account in defining the new formula so that we define the dimensions and volume transparently according to the area formula, and on the other hand, this formula has been updated and thus the new municipal rights law has been considered. .

He emphasized: This bill creates transparency and can automatically update the new account formula.

According to the informants, the members of the Tehran City Council finally passed the drilling licensing service price bill by a majority vote after discussion.

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