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The story of the property that sank in the waves of strife

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The sickness that accompanies today’s waves and tides is not yesterday’s pain. Khawass must remember how temporary government indifference and emotional support for certain groups led to repercussions and tragedies that persisted during the imposed war and still afflict the country today.

Anna News Agency Policy Group, Maryam Baki Hassan; The leader of the revolution talked about the recent events in the country at the graduation ceremony of university students, officers of the armed forces.

In some of these statements, the leader of the revolution complained about the “standard”: …in the first act, some property proclaimed, now tenderly—their hearts burned—, made a statement, and spoke, without comment. Search, they did not search. Everyone has moved forward in some way. Well, now their accounts are separate, but, having seen what the problem was, having understood what was happening in the alleys and streets of people and in public roads as a result of their conversation with the enemy’s plan, they were forced. do their own work; They have to take a stand, they have to state clearly what happened, they have to make it clear that they are against the plan of the foreign enemy. The case was revealed. When you see the American political landscape comparing these issues to the Berlin Wall, you have to understand what the point is. You must understand that this is not a question of sympathy for the young lady. You must understand this; If you do not understand, then understand; If you find out, you should announce the situation.

Is this apparent challenge to the leader of the revolution related only to recent events in the country? A look at the behavior of elites throughout the history of the Islamic Revolution shows that this was not the case and that the political elites in Iran were not always in the circle of “elite”… The truth is that the emotional expression of opinions, far from logical, without research and with waves of Emotions, including certain political characteristics, are a chronic but serious disease. According to the Leader of the Revolution, despite the involvement of foreign agencies and the cooperation of some wounded traitors to the Islamic Revolution in the recent incident, some political and media currents continue to insistently defend foreign services. The enemy’s sin drums! The enemy openly declares hostility and plans to destroy Iran, and some internal currents deny the principle of hostility! Do these groups benefit from this approach?

It seems that keeping pace with the current has become the affair of some political currents. It is unlikely that they do not know that if silence is shameful in a time of chaos and strife, it is more shameful, more impudent, and inconsequential to accompany openly supported rumors and waves from outside the frontier.

For example, those who have been indifferent to the reform and improvement of the current procedures in the country during the various responsibilities over the past years and think only of securing their own factional and economic interests, have repeatedly declared strict positions and written explanatory letters. Written in recent weeks! Are these gentlemen unaware of the gaps that exist throughout their tenure? Are the “reforms” really a “concern” for these gentlemen?

As has been said, sickness in the waves is the pain of some today, not yesterday. Khawas must remember how indifferent and emotional government support for certain groups led to repercussions and tragedies that persisted during the imposed war and still affect the country today. Support that paved the way for sectarian violence by gangs. And the late Montazeri’s blind and emotional support for Mahdi Hashemi’s gang disgustedly provoked sectarian and mob violence and created an unresolved division in the country…

To be honest, we regular people sometimes get confused about how real estate has become so ‘special’. But in any case, the political elites of the society are the least expected to understand the reality of the enemy’s hostility and the behavioral pattern of the enemy in this frontier and region. Because it is clear that the movements of foreign services and terrorist groups associated with them are not only hostile to the sacred regime of the Islamic Republic, but also to the “unique and powerful Iran” institution. People must know that surfing is useless and without a strong Iran, they will have no future, if they want to seek false credit by proclaiming the virtues of time and immortality.

Characteristics, if they already have a correct understanding of the threats against Islamic Iran, it is better to think about improving the ego and performance in times of peace and comfort, and then try to improve, away from the hype and media propaganda. When necessary, they express the ideals of the Islamic Revolution and its enemies without stuttering. Otherwise, the “ordinary people” know better how to defend their homeland, their religion and the ideals of the Islamic Revolution.

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