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A minute of silence in honor of Daoud Al-Rashidi in the main hall of Al-Madina Theater

The performance of the play “The Father” by director Arvand Dasht Arai began on Tuesday, the eighth of the month, with the performance of Liad Daoud Al-Rashidi neighborhood in the main hall of Al-Madina Theater.

According to the informants, citing the public relations of Shahr Theater, the show “The Father”, written by Florian Zeller and directed by Arvand Dashtaray, will be held on Tuesday evening, September 17, in the presence of the audience. In memory of theatrical, film and television actor Daoud Rashidi.
Reza Kianan, one of the representatives of this show, after the first show on behalf of the executive team, expressed his appreciation for the audience’s reception and asked the audience to stand a minute of silence in honor of the death. Memory of Daoud Rashidi.
The actor, broadcaster and wife of the late Daoud Al-Rashidi, who attended the premiere of this show on the main hall of Al-Madina Theater at the invitation of the executive group, expressed his satisfaction for receiving the audience at the first show. . He explained about this show: I would like to thank the executive team for their efforts in perpetuating the memory of the late Daoud Al-Rashidi, and for the efforts they made in performing this show, I hope to see a good reception from the audience. In addition, a great reception on the first day is a good sign for a useful and effective presentation to the audience.

The “Father” program, written by Florian Zeller, directed by Arvand Dasht Arai, starring Reza Kianan, Laila Rashidi, Said Genghisian, Marin van Holk, Sogol Khaleq, Behzad Karimi and Najwa Sahib Zamani, every day at 20:00 for a period of 90 minutes. In the main hall the city theater set on stage. In addition, students from all fields of study can enjoy a limited 30% discount on the exhibition ticket price by visiting the box office and presenting their student card.
Hamidarja Aman Porkray and Maryam Hadari are the translators, Arvand Dasht Arai is the designer and director, Seyyed Mohammad Taghi Zahidi is the artistic stage designer, Pouya Raji is the video and teaser artist, Gulnaz Gulshan is the fashion and costume designer, Maria Haga is the makeup designers Vasilis Apostolatus and Reza Khodari are the lighting designers The design team for this show is composed by composer Ali Kianan and graphic designer Behrad Tabankhet.
The executive team consists of Noureddin Heydari Maher as project manager, Maren van Holk as playwright, Diana Fathi as artistic advisor to the director, Raha Jahanshahi as project manager, Amin Yazdannejad as production manager, Sanaz Bagheri as assistant director and he was planner. , copywriter Reza Islambaneh, maker of Babak Bigi movement. Poriya Haddizadeh, photographer, Kiarash Mosaibi, cinematographer, Freiberg Hina, media consultant, Mehta Karimi and Amir Qalishi, public relations and advertising for the “Film News” virtual ad group, Adel Hajzadeh, theater assistant, Badrak Dashar, Yashar Atslo. Karimi, Poriya Khoshbin, Prince Abbas Babai Khorasani (decoration), Atena Rezaei, Kazem Khahari (sewing).

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