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The beginning of the speech event “The Leaders’ Intifada”

The sermon program “The Emergence of Leaders” was launched on Saturday, August 8, at Rihan Al-Rasoul Theological Seminary, in the presence of 50 missionaries.

According to the informants, in order to bring out the human capital of students to solve the problems of the Islamic revolution and jihad in various fields, as well as to take advantage of the talents and abilities of students in the social, administrative and family fields. dimensions. A talk show called “Kyam” “Progressive Girls” was held.

This course, in the form of a three-day camp, began on Saturday, August 8, in the possession of Rehana Al-Rasoul, in the presence of 50 missionaries, and ends on Monday, August 10.

Holding an educational workshop on the topic of declaring the second phase of the Islamic Revolution, teaching the description of jihad in media platforms, and teaching methods of modeling to adolescents, in the presence of eminent professors in the field and the university, and discussing and evaluating the participants on the first day of this camp.

Presentation of the progress report of the speech program “The Emergence of Girls Leaders”, a lecture by an honorary professor by a university professor on the subject of jihad, a discussion and study of issues and problem solving by groups and a meeting. On the second day of this camp and on the third day, the participants in this camp discussed with each other, and at the end of the program, Mr. Hussein Arab Asadi, one of the university professors, gave a speech. . About organization and teamwork.

In this course, participants choose a series of problems related to the Level Two Statement, measure its various dimensions, provide solutions, discuss each level to determine its strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately choose the best candidate. Awards are given by the public and judges.

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