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Was the case of Layla and her siblings closed for 10 months?!

Since June 1401, when Saeed Roshi’s Laila Brothers was unveiled at the Cannes Film Festival, and the presence of some of its actors at the event made news, and eventually the film was banned, it was expected to be the director’s latest work. “Metri Shesh and Nim” was among the most talked about films of the year.

According to the informants, now with the illegal release of the “Layla Brothers” movie version in cyberspace and subsequent satellite channels in the last days of 1401, which happened at the same time as its legal release on a platform in France, this movie is still topping the news in the last days of year, and it has been illegally made available to the Iranian public in the past two days.

But the director of the film, Saeed Roshi, only posted a picture from the movie on his personal Instagram page, and said without any particular reaction that he was interested in publishing this picture at the same time as the movie was released.

A photo posted by Saeed Al-Roushi from the movie “Laila Brothers”.

The film’s producer, Jawad Norouzbeqi, repeated what he said months ago with reporters these days, and at the same time expressed his hope that the film would have the opportunity to be screened. Because many viewers don’t want to watch the bootleg version of the movie.

On the third of February of this year, the producer of the movie “Leila Brothers” stated that a lawsuit had been filed against him in connection with directing this film and described this punishment for the creators of the film as harsh, and told reporters: I request that a new version of the film be shown in France within the next month. The council will decide Screening licenses Refer the film for legal viewing in the country.

He had expressed concern over the release of the smuggled version of the film.

Read the full transcript of this interview at this link.

Nowruzbeigi said: I ask for conditions to be created so that the film can be quickly reviewed by the licensing board. If there is a penalty, I will go through with it and I think the director (Saeed Roshi) goes through the same steps too. If we make a mistake we will respond, but the film should not be damaged and I hope it is on the right track to show it.

However, below we review the news of the movie “Laila Brothers”, which began showing at the Cannes Film Festival and continued until the release of its illegal version.

On June 4 of this year, the film “Leila Ikhwan” directed by Said Rochette was shown in the main competition section of the Cannes Film Festival with a red carpet ceremony.

Was the case of Layla and her siblings closed for 10 months?!

The press conference for the movie “Leila Brothers” by director Said Rochetti took place at the beginning of this year, in the presence of the representatives of this film, at the 75th session of the Cannes Film Festival, and it can be found through this link.

In response to a question about the male and female characters in his films, Saeed Rachit explained at the beginning of the press conference for his film: Not all men in my films are unemployed or addicts, but there is always the leading woman who is forward-looking and smarter – and you see more, perhaps it comes from my personal life ; Because I have an older sister named Laila who raised me and helped me study, work and get here. He has always been progressive and future oriented and has played an important role in my life.

Finally, the jury of the International Federation of Critics (FIPRESHI) in Cannes awarded the best film award in the main competition section to the film “Leila Ikhwan” directed by Said Rochi.

Was the case of Layla and her siblings closed for 10 months?!

But after some events and side effects of the actors of the movie “Leila Brothers” at the Cannes Film Festival, this movie became one of the films that made news at the time, and finally on June 30, the cinematic institution announced that the license to show the movie “Leila Brothers” was canceled due to irregularities and lack of Compliance with the regulations not issued by the producer and director.

It was stated in parts of the cinematic institution’s announcement that “the movie” Leila Brothers “is based on the principle of” legitimacy, unification, and justice “and the cause of conscious violations and behavior contrary to laws and regulations, such as: participation in foreign festivals (Can) without going through legal procedures and obtaining a screening license, violating regulations and insisting On the submission of the uncorrected version despite the commitments made, the continuation of the violation even after the Cannes Festival and the participation in the Munich Festival and finally the official declaration of the respected director.As the film adaptation is not accepted, this film will not be eligible for a screening license until further notice and until the obstacles are removed.

Saeed Roshi, the director of the film, said in an interview with the film magazine “c’est quoi le cinéma” published in September: The story of the characters in his film is very tragic, and of course part of this film is a tribute to the movie “The Godfather” directed by “Francis” Ford. Coppola.

In this interview, conducted in conjunction with the general release of the Leila Brothers film in France, a villager talks about the different angles of this film.

On September 28, the director of the film “Laila Brothers” asked a question about why his film was not included in the review committee for the representative of Iranian cinema at the Academy, despite the existence of some important advantages for participating in the Academy Awards ceremony.

Saeed Roshi stated in an interview with informants that the movie “Laila Ikhwan” is not among the films being considered by the Iranian Actor Nomination Committee for the Academy Award, while the film’s organization was supposed to be flexible so that the film could be screened for a license. The screening license must be forwarded because in any case we have made arrangements to send the film to Cannes, but it is questionable why we have now come to the time of submitting the Oscar actress, “Leila Ikhwan” with all the points he received from this competition removed.?

according to him; The movie “Laila Brothers” started showing in France some time ago and so far has sold more tickets than the movie “Meter Six and a Half” which was also released in this country and its sales amounted to seven hundred thousand euros after three weeks and arrived. It will soon reach nearly a million euros, and the right to broadcast this film has been bought by 40 other countries of the world and will be released. In addition, he was invited to 20 festivals.

Was the case of Layla and her siblings closed for 10 months?!

But the process of following up on the screening of Saeed Al-Raushi’s film in the past few months ended with a few short comments, and finally, the social and political conditions and some unrest that arose after the month of Shahryur led to many issues not being discussed in the media. .

Of course, Ruhollah Sohrabi, general manager of the supervision of the supply and presentation of cinematic works, said on December 20 about the problem of some films, including the “Laila Brothers” film, that there is no film to prevent it, and the actors from the films are also trying to solve the problem. We did our best. The films suffered from marginal problems. Naturally, we will continue to show these films, and the business owners themselves have an influence in solving the blind knot that is sometimes produced.

And then the film’s producer had a conversation with the whistleblowers, which we’ve mentioned before, in which he expressed concern that despite being shown in France, a copy of the film might be released as a pirated copy.

In any case, the informants are following the reaction of the officials of the film establishment regarding the release of a copy of the film “The Brothers of Leila” and the answer to the question whether the film can still be released to the public or not. The case of the ten months, Layla and her brothers, has been completed?!

The summary of the movie “Laila’s Brothers” states: At the age of 40, Laila has spent her entire life taking care of her parents and four siblings. In a country embroiled in international economic sanctions, the family argues constantly and collapses under the burden of debt. While her siblings struggle to make ends meet, Laila hatches a plan to lift them out of poverty by starting a family business. While they are desperate for financial support, Laila discovers that their father, Ismail, is secretly hiding a family heirloom. This incident wreaks havoc on an already fragile family. As the father’s health deteriorates, each family member’s actions gradually bring the family one step closer to the explosion.

The actors of this film are Taraneh Al-Adousti, Naveed Mohammadzadeh, Saeed Boursamimi, Farhad Aslani, Peyman Muaddi, Mohammad Al-Hamoudi, Neria Mohammadi and Mehdi Hosseinia. The French company “Wild Bunch” is also responsible for the international part of this film.

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