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A conspiracy against informants is true

Saeed Shafion calls Saeb al-Tabrizi a popular poet who was trying to be forgotten in people’s minds and the history of Persian literature with conspiracy and enmity.

According to informants, 10 years have passed since the day Saeb al-Tabrizi became the owner of one day in the country’s official calendar; Due to the lack of a date of birth or death of this poet, at the suggestion of the poet and based on the calculation of the name of Saeb in the letters of Abjad, which became 103, the one hundred and third day of the year (tenth of July) that marks the birth of the famous Iranian scholar Muhammad Saeb is called the day of Saeb and is included in Calendar.

Saeed Shafion, a professor at the University of Isfahan, in a conversation with reporters about Saeb Tabrizi and the fact that he is still famous and the use of his poems, says: Saeb Tabrizi has a series of distinctive features that are still in people’s minds despite all the hype. . Saeb is one of the few poets who tried to forget him in the minds of the people and the history of Persian literature with conspiracy and hostility.

And he adds: Since the time of the Zandiyyah and the establishment of the School of Return, an ax has been thrown at the origin of the Indian style, or the poetic style that existed in the Safavid and Babari periods, and sometimes they tried to name it. On the style of Isfahan to make this style obsolete and return to poetry before the attack of the Mongols. In order to destroy this tent and the house, they went to the pillar of that house, which is right, and they have already sinned.

Referring to Tazikira Azar Bekdali, this university professor cites the author’s statement that “the reason for his undeserved fame is apparently his sensual perfection, which he is known to engage in dhikr while devoid of thought, or the arrangement of the stars… After much attention, these verses The few elected in his court “and he says: Azar Bekdali believes that” since the beginning of his discourse, the ways of the sober fantasies of the ancestors have been obscured, some of the rules of the former masters have been lost, and the levels of discourse after Mr. Mirzai Masharalia, who was the creator of a new and unpleasant method, were dropping every day. By this Time, praise be to God, the method invented by Bolkiah has been revived, and the law of the ancients has been revived.It is renewed.So the position of Saeb al-Tabrizi among the poets of the history of literature is sensitive to the fact that there are unfair attempts to delete it from the page of literature.

Then he said that efforts to remove Saeb had been successful for several centuries, and he says: This situation continued until the early fourteenth century until some work was done about Saeb and his works were presented. Since the middle of the fourteenth century, with the efforts of the likes of Amiri Firuzkuhi, Gulchin Maani, and Zain Abidin Mutman, seminars on Indian and saib styles have been held. I said this in order to learn about the special circumstances of this poet when we talk about Saeb.

Shafion says that Saeb got acquainted with the book reading community very late, and adds: But the strange and exciting thing is that Saeb Tabrizi through his poetry, which is popular poetry, in terms of his view of life, life experiences and wisdom. He who benefits human life and soul was present among the people. In fact, he has been noticed since his poetry writing days. Saeb’s Diwan and the choices made by his audience affected Saeb’s poetry among the people and the main poetic audiences, and although his poetry is far from the ancient poetry of Hafez and Saadi, it is established among his poetry. Persian poetry fans.

This university professor also confirms: On the other hand, Saeb is a symbol and model for Indian style shops and the style of poetry he writes. In the sense that Saeb is similar to the great poets such as Khayyam, Mawlawi, Ferdowsi and Saadi. That is, his poetry is a symbol of the literary style in which he writes, and for example, any poem has a practically equivalent style (stanzas in which the first stanza is a rational claim and the second stanza is an allegory, which is practically achieved by creating a theme) whether air , Even since ancient times, it has been considered auspicious. Saeb is practically the unconditional actor and master of the style with which he wrote poetry. Like this unique verse of Nashapuri, “The hand of greed you stretch out in front of people / Closed the bridge to transcend your reputation” which is known as saib.

Shafion then states that despite all this, Sa’ib did not find his true place among the audience of serious literature, that is, the guardians of literature and the general public. His tomb, built a thousand stories before the revolution, is still very strange. Saeb was not appreciated in our time, although he was successful in his time and lived easily.

Conspiracy against Saeb

Said Chafion

the end of the letter

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