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According to one of the correspondents on the Internet, Seyyed Hamid Ameli said, on Friday evening, at the gathering of claimants of the Islamic Association of Bazaars and Trade Unions in Ardabil: After 15 months of taking over the administration of the province, we have done our best to make up for it. Part of the historical backwardness of this province.

Pointing to the ability of unity and sympathy to remove deficiencies and compensate for backwardness, he said: There are many margins in Ardabil province, and some former managers have prepared the field for margin builders and provided different conditions for some people in this sector.

And the governor of Ardabil said: Not only was someone employed in this province by pressure and threatening the former governors, but he also sought to be marginalized due to administrative changes and transfers, and we will not give these people an opportunity to seek extortion or something else through marginalization. Be obedient to yourself.

Amelie added: We do not enter the margins because we do not have the time and opportunity to do so, and these people can shout whatever they want, because they know very well that their marginalization will not go anywhere and we will spend the opportunity to serve better things.

Some of the appointments were not in line with our wishes

In another aspect of his speech, the governor of Ardabil indicated: We tried to make decisions in the field of appointments according to the conditions of the province, but I admit that some appointments were not in accordance with our desires and inclinations.

He added: We must witness the participation of elites in this province in the field of appropriate appointments so that, away from pressure and electoral planning, decent and capable people are placed in various positions and perform their duties.

Amili said: The request in this field is very important and we hope that the gentlemen involved in this field will be responsible and if we do not act correctly and logically in this field, we will be responsible before God and people tomorrow. .

He recalled the need to implement the province’s development plan until the year 1403 for a real leap in the province, and continued: We have good capabilities in this province in various fields, and these capabilities must be given a system, a special system, and a scientific and expert program. Planning, let’s do things right.

We don't have the opportunity to get into the margins/elites share on worthwhile dates

The Ardabil Free Zone does not have the advantage of clearing cars and passenger goods

The governor of Ardabil referred to the issue of the free zone and the approval of the Islamic Council and said: We are the enforcers of the law and we will continue our efforts to approve all four points, otherwise we will start executive work from one point and follow up on what is necessary to include others, and we will talk about the points.

In another part of his speech, the agent said: After various disputes, we started working according to the legal procedure, but it is necessary to stress that the free zone in Ardabil does not have the advantage of free zones that were previously approved, because it is not supposed to clear the car and passenger goods.

He pointed to the misunderstanding of the free zone and said: Some people feel that with the implementation of the free zone, the province of Ardabil will become a paradise and even for people planted in this way, while the residents of some free zones in the country returned to their previous conditions, and lost this privilege.

Ameli added: Sometimes, unscientific, unprincipled, and with an inappropriate expert point of view, an inappropriate atmosphere is created with regard to the free zone, and we witness people’s concerns, which can worry us as a serious social issue.

The head of the provincial administrative council also added about the petrochemical project: According to climatic conditions and air pollution, a petrochemical license is issued, and it is illogical and unprofessional to declare that petrochemicals are a polluting industry.

Ameli said: We must witness justified environmental studies in this field to allow the opportunity and space to build petrochemicals in this province.

The shortage of 280 hectares of green space in Ardabil is unfair to people

The governor of Ardabil referred to the revival of the historic Ardabil market based on the approval of the Supreme Council of Architecture and continued: It is expected that the effects of the historic Ardabil market and the surrounding area will be improved based on the detailed details. Planned, the historic Ardabil market will be restored with its various lines.

He said about Bagh Shariat: The ninth article of this project has been received and with the acquisition of Bagh Shariat and the payment of the required amount, this complex is expected to become a large park.

Amili considered that the lack of 280 hectares of green spaces in Ardabil is a violation of people’s rights and said: It is a betrayal of the city and its citizens to limit green spaces and not allow a healthy life.

He briefed the head of the administrative council for the province to conduct appropriate studies and designs to solve traffic problems in Ardabil, and said: In this regard, approved plans have been prepared, and we will witness the implementation of these projects at the entrances to cities. Four points in the city.

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