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How to print on t-shirts

T-shirt printing is a process that allows you to design your own t-shirts. While the printing techniques may seem difficult at first, they get easier with practice. Transfer printing is the best choice for a one-off project. Screen printing requires more specialized equipment but allows you to print many T-shirts from a single image. Inkodye is another quick one-off printing option that is more noticeable than iron-on printing.

The shirt is the most practical garment among all types of clothing, and it is suitable for any place and is produced in different designs and colors, as a result of which everyone can prepare this garment according to their taste. This made them think of setting up a business for themselves so that they could print all kinds of designs on T-shirts with different materials and sell them.

With the development of the clothing and fashion industry, T-shirt printing has also increased so that advertising companies or famous brands have taken this opportunity to advertise themselves to attract more customers. First of all, you should pay attention to the fact that the printing of models is different. The colors of the T-shirt depend on the fabric and its color, which must be consistent with these colors.

Ways to print t-shirts

There are many ways to print different designs and patterns on T-shirts, and each of these methods has its own devices and equipment and makes work easier for manufacturers.

The first method we propose is sublimation

This method is suitable for light-coloured fabrics and polyester, it is not suitable for printing the pattern on cotton fabrics.To print the pattern in this way, a digital printing machine, heat press and dye sublimation are needed, which is heat-treated, it evaporates and eats away at the fibers of the fabric making it last forever .

The second way to print is to cut out the vinyl

This method is similar to applying paint to glass, except that vinyl is bought for fabric.
In this method, after cutting the vinyl, we stick it to the fabric with a heat press, which is usually used for numbering on sportswear.

The third method dtf he

In this method, the desired design is first printed on a special film using a desktop printer, and then it is printed on a T-shirt using a heat press machine.
This method is suitable for printing intricate designs on all kinds of T-shirts, which also have a long shelf life.

The following way to print DTG (directly).

In this method, we are dealing with a device similar to desktop inkjet printers, which is easy to work with.

T-shirt printing applications

Various designs are printed on promotional T-shirts for a special purpose, the most important of which is branding and advertising to attract more customers.
Generally speaking, t-shirt printing applications can be divided into four categories which we mention below:

The first thing is to print T-shirts for special occasions such as: birthday, Muharram, religious and national celebrations, which usually have many fans.
The second use of it is printing T-shirts for advertising, and customers for this type of T-shirt are mostly brands or companies whose purpose is to participate in national and international exhibitions and advertising only.

Its next application is to print different patterns on T-shirts in bulk or individually for sale in the market and according to different tastes.
The printing of doll and fantasy pictures on T-shirts for children’s use is also one of its most important uses, which in addition to beautifying their clothes raises the spirits of children.

T-shirt printing price

The demand for printing different images on T-shirts is increasing day by day, which has attracted the attention of many people due to its multiple uses, and the price of printing images or text on T-shirts depends on the type of fabric chosen for the design, the printing method. , being single or large and various other cases. For example, sublimation photo printing on t-shirts has a higher price than other printers because of its lasting durability and high quality. As a result, the price of T-shirt printing depends on the quality and durability of the print as well as the ability to be washed without erasing the image.

To know the exact price of the different ways of printing photos and even to order the printing of different models on T-shirts, you can apply online and from trusted sites. This product can be purchased as a gift and you have the possibility to check the price and quality of this product online from different sites and order the most suitable one.

The easiest way to print t-shirts

Once you have these items, you can learn how to design and print your own t-shirt below.
1. Create a design

If you want to achieve great results, use design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to prepare your image. If you don’t already have access to this program, free alternatives like GIMP or Inkscape will work just as well.

Make sure to use high resolution photos or images. Or, if you are creating a design from scratch, working with vector images will help prevent your design from becoming pixelated. If you want to use a design you already have on your computer, you can also learn how to draw an image in Adobe Illustrator.
2. Prepare the shirt

Use only a shirt that is safe to iron and has a smooth, textured feel. This will help your design adhere to the shirt properly. The safest bet is to wear a 100% cotton shirt before experimenting with different fabrics, and a great way to save money is to buy a used shirt at a thrift store.

T-shirt buying guide

The T-shirt is available in different designs and colors so that everyone, regardless of his taste, can choose the T-shirt that he likes. When buying a T-shirt, you must pay attention to the type and material of its fabric, because it indicates its size. Quality and durability: to be stable in color during washing, in addition to not causing any harm to the skin.

Another point in buying a T-shirt is the design printed on it, which in some cases is more important than the fabric or other criteria of the T-shirt.
The quality of shirt stitching is just as important as the material of the fabric, so a shirt with proper stitching can give a beautiful body effect when worn.

Paying attention to the color of the T-shirt can also give a nice look to your body, especially if you pay attention to the color of your skin in order to choose a shirt that matches it. Buy a shirt because all conditions of use and maintenance are mentioned in it, and by following these points, it can last longer. If you are going to buy a shirt online, be sure to pay attention to the size guide on the site so that your body does not get hurt while wearing it.

You can also buy this product online from a reputed store or brand to ensure the quality and durability of the product.

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