Holding the first cultural and artistic festival and the popular Nahal Atiz movement

The responsible director of the Montazeran Manji Institute said: It is said in the traditions that if a person has water and soil and does not plant trees, he will be far from God. We are establishing a culture of growing fruit trees; We must know that the civilization of agricultural culture and its development are linked to the advent of Imam Zaman (PBUH).

According to two informants, on Thursday, July 22, the first national cultural-artistic festival and national popular campaign of Nahal Atiz was held, with the hashtag “In memory of him, Nahali Benshan”.

In this festival organized by the efforts of the Montazahran Manji Institute of Culture and Arts, District 20 Municipality, Nahal Atezer NGO, Islamic Council, Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, National Help Tree Campaign and Alavi Foundation, Hojjat al-Islam Muhammad Shojaei, Director of the Montazahran Manji Institute, District Mayor Tehran 20, Reza Shanki, Seyyed Ali Yazdikhah, representative of the people of Tehran in Parliament and member of the Cultural Committee, and Ali Reza Abbasi, representative of the people of Karaj in Parliament and member of Parliament. The Agricultural Committee was present.

*** 8 types of mirages that keep us away from God

Hojjat al-Islam Muhammad Shuja’i, the responsible director of the Munji Al-Muntadhar Institute, said, referring to the Day of Mublah: The Mublah is the time when you can give your life and your loved ones for the sake of God and the Ahl al-Bayt. As an unchanging tradition, God has set many tests for man and has conducted tests in different periods of ups and downs.

Holding the first cultural and artistic festival and the popular Nahal Atiz movement

Hojjat al-Islam Muhammad Shojaei, Managing Director of the Muntazer Manji Institute

He pointed out that a person who claims faith is tested in various scenes, and added: God has prepared various tests for man, such as the air and oxygen we breathe or the blood in our veins; All human affairs are tested and even we are tested in our sleep.

The Responsible Director of the Montazharan Manji Institute stated: Testing a person with God is a practical test and his actions so that God understands whether we love him and his family or not.

He said: God has planned eight types of lovers for man, but if this love is more than God’s love, then God will give him up. Since the beginning of the revolution, many people have separated from the Islamic regime because of their love for these eight categories and got off the train of the revolution, but some of them came out of the exam with flying colors and even we have growth. .

Emphasizing that places where ideals and beliefs are endangered, we must stand at the feet of God and the Ahl al-Bayt, and added: In the statement of the second step of the Islamic revolution, the establishment of a new Islamic civilization and the establishment of an Islamic civilization. The basis for the appearance of the Supreme Leader is part of the focus of the Supreme Leader for us

Pointing out that the Muntadharan Mongi Institute has been operating for 20 years and its main work is to lay the foundation for the emergence of Hazrat Sahib al-Umar (pbuh), who is active in 20 languages ​​of the world, he said: The strategy of serving the people is part of the strategy of waiting for the supreme leader of the revolution, so we must have All Mahdavi implantation procedures. Civilization has 10 pillars in the Holy Quran, the most important of which is culture. Agriculture is one of the pillars of civilization. In many of the sayings of the imam of the nation and the method of Ahl al-Bayt, about civilization and the method of agriculture.

*** Agriculture and trees are among the pillars of modern Islamic civilization

The responsible director of the Montazeran Manji Institute said: In one of the narrations, it is emphasized that the peasants are the treasure of the earth and have a high status and dignity on the Day of Judgment. Also, the peasants are called blessed on the Day of Judgment; God provided all the prophets with livestock and farming. We must build our civilization on rain and the growth and development of agriculture, and we know that there is nothing God loves more than agriculture.

It was stated that some officials in different years committed great treachery and negligence due to the lack of cultivation of various and fruitful trees and seedlings. Some trees and conifers were planted in line with the influence and negligence of the authorities, and unfortunately there were hands in not planting fruit trees.

Al-Shuja’i said: If we plant a tree and the birds eat its fruit, then this is charity for the people of the tree. Apart from the civil, cultural and economic aspects, agriculture has a spiritual and spiritual aspect for human beings.

The responsible director of the Montazeran Manji Institute pointed out: The government, parliament and public institutions should pay special attention to the issue of agriculture in order to reach the modern Iranian Islamic civilization. We must vote for those who think about the new Islamic civilization in the presidential elections, the Islamic Council, and the Islamic councils.

He mentioned that civilization has many pillars in the Qur’an, one of the most important of which is agriculture, and said: Planting fruit trees is strongly recommended in Islamic traditions and culture. In addition, we have an ideal model according to the opinion of the Supreme Leader in the manifesto of the second step of the Islamic Revolution, which is the creation of a new Islamic civilization, laying the foundation for the city and the sun of the supreme province.

Al-Shuja’i explained: It was mentioned in the hadiths that if a person has water and soil and does not plant trees, he is far from God. The Montazaran Manji Institute is creating a cultural institution for the cultivation of fruit trees; We must know that the civilization of agricultural culture and its development are linked to the advent of Imam Zaman (PBUH).

*** Coniferous trees are an environmental disaster in Iran

Holding the first cultural and artistic festival and the popular Nahal Atiz movement

The first cultural, artistic and popular festival of Nahal Etz

The CEO of the Montazeran Manji Institute, Reza Al-Khor, said that in recent years we have witnessed land subsidence and environmental destruction, but something must be done to solve this problem, and the main objective of our survey has been implemented.

He added, “The Montazeran Manji Institute is training and cultivating the culture of tree planting. And in the second step of the Islamic Revolution, the popular currents took measures regarding the importance of planting fruit trees and announced a call in this regard, and the works were sent to the secretariat in different departments.

He explained: The environment is one of the important parts for achieving the new Islamic civilization, which the Supreme Leader said. We should try to provide green space for the community; Educating the people and making demands from the government and officials in Parliament is important in this direction.

He said: Planting a billion trees is a very heavy project and most of the trees are fruitful. Trees that are not compatible with Iran’s environment should not be planted; In recent years, neglecting this issue has caused many problems with the presence of coniferous trees in Tehran.

*** Most of the trees in the Billion Tree Plan must be fruitful

Mr. Ali Yazdikhah, a representative of the people of Tehran and a member of the cultural body of the Islamic Council, thanked all the organizers of this ceremony for their good choice of topic and their intelligence in pursuing this issue, and said: Cultivating fruitful seedlings is one of our interests. Unfortunately, before the Islamic Revolution, needle-shaped trees were planted in our country, which did not benefit the environment and did not benefit, but we must have a special plan to improve the methods of planting trees.

He added, “Currently, the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad has a plan to plant a billion trees, and if fruitful trees are not planted, the environment will certainly suffer.”

*** Stop importing one billion dollars of tropical fruits with the development of agriculture in Iran

Ali Reza Abbasi, a representative of the people of Karaj and a member of the Agriculture Authority of the Islamic Council, said at this ceremony: In our country, the average rainfall in our country was 260 mm annually, and it has decreased to 240 mm.

And he added: On average, 350 billion cubic meters of water fall from the sky every year, of which we use only 95 to 100 billion, and the rest evaporates, leaves the borders, or flows into the seas, and practically 250 billion cubic meters of water annually spills out of our hands.

A member of Parliament’s Agriculture Committee stated: With urban development, land change and tree destruction, the environment and food security of our country have been endangered. If we develop vegetation in our country, we can reduce these damages.

Pointing out that 450 cities in Iran are at risk due to various floods, he said: Planting trees and vegetation should be done with a scientific program so that while improving the environment of our country we can have a better Iran with food security.

Abbasi said: If a billion seedlings and trees are planted in the form of various irrigation projects, the environmental condition of Iran will improve greatly, but most of these trees must be fruitful.

He referred to his visit to one of the platforms for developing and promoting afforestation outside the venue of the ceremony, and said that the development of tropical fruits must be on the agenda seriously, considering that one billion dollars of these fruits are imported every year. In order to prevent foreign exchange from leaving our country to import tropical fruits.

*** Economic productivity of families through planting fruit trees

In the continuation of this ceremony, Meshem Makhtoumi, Executive Secretary of the festival, said about the goals of this festival: We could only be a small voice in society by announcing this campaign and expressing goals, slogans and ideals, and drawing attention and attention in this direction so that we can do a wonderful job in planting fruit trees. In the future.

Holding the first cultural and artistic festival and the popular Nahal Atiz movement

Maysam Makhtoumi, Executive Secretary of the Festival

He added: The “Yadi Ya Nihali Benshan” campaign began in November last year with the unveiling of the festival’s website, campaign and hashtag; We are looking for the demand and ideal of planting fruit trees. Of course, the sound of this campaign has reached the villages of remote areas in different governorates.

And the executive secretary of the festival noted: Today we honored 25 selected for the cultural and artistic festival, as well as a few people who made great efforts to plant fruitful trees with their jihadist actions, and some of them do not have a distinguished political approach and group affiliations, except for they do not have Iran’s worshipers.

Regarding the quality of the prizes of this festival, Makhtami added: The first place winners will receive 8 million tomans, the second place will receive 6 million tomans, the third place will receive 5 million tomans, and the next chosen one will receive cash prizes. From 3, 2 and 1 million tomans, respectively.

He said: Some of the works reached the Graphic Festival. And some of the works are illustrations, posters and cartoons that have been awarded and honored after evaluation by the Secretariat. Some of the families and individuals introduced to us are good role models for the community having planted thousands of trees over the years.

The executive secretary of the festival confirmed that productivity for families and increasing economic benefits for dear Iran are part of the goals of holding this festival by planting hundreds of thousands of trees. , it means that he should make them an example for us.

*** Appreciating the elite and elite of the festival and distributing cash prizes

As part of the closing ceremony of this festival, in the presence of the jury of this festival (Mortada Ramzani, Hussein Shaista, Muhammad Mahdi Zia Noushin), the selected people were honored.

In the Research and Ideas section, Gholam Reza Nazari from South Khorasan and Zohra Peymani from Khomeini Shahr. The Bimani family of Khomeini Shahr also planted saffron on the roof in the section of photos and video reports of people’s activities, the Ghorbani family of Zanjan planted 1,400 cherry trees, Ali Khalidi Shah of Sharmahal and Bakhtiari of Mrs. Bagheri. Also in the illustration and poster design department are Mohammad Javad Bardakht from Lahijan, Fatemeh Sharif Asgari from Tehran, Vahid Bolandi Roshan from Tabriz, Zainab Mohammadi from Marvdasht, Mehdi Jahanbakhsh from Isfahan; In the winners of the video and animation section, Ilha Naderi Helan from Tabriz, Vahid Bolandi Roshan from Tabriz, were among the people selected in this festival who were honored with certificates of appreciation and cash prizes.

Also with the announcement of the jury and in the Department of Painting and Student Activities Satish Bahrami from Shahrmahal Bakhtiari, Fatemeh Hosseinpour from Kazroun, Abolfazl Asgari from Karaj, Mohammad Hassan Hojjati Najat from Shahari. In appreciation of the jihadist groups, the Hojjat al-Islam Norouzi family from Delran for planting rural citrus trees, Hojjat al-Islam Mousavi represented by Hayat Ya Mahdi from Wafan for planting thousands of olive trees, the Karmi family for cultivating walnut trees, Mojtaba. Bayandan on behalf of the Rehwan Haji Qassem jihadist group from South Kerman to plant a mango tree, Hojja Dalslan Bayani from Karaj and Hakimi far from Qom were among the best chosen people.

the end of the letter

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