Jihad is an explanation of the needs of today’s society, especially the younger generation

According to an online reporter, on Tuesday evening, a consultative meeting was held between the Gilan Provincial Army Corps commander and media and cyber activists.

Qassem Musafi, a cyberspace activist, criticized the officials’ presentation of conflicting statistics, and said: Today, the dissemination of information and news cannot be stopped, and the news must become a rapid source of news transmission. This is true, and do not let the media be against the source of the news

“Some people need an explanation today, some people don’t have the skills to defend the system and need insightful meetings,” he said.

Today we have to explain the jihad: Today we only have education in schools and leave the issue of education aside in education, Musaffy said.

Gilan purification center and the absence of an explanation for jihad

Another cyberspace activist, “Muhammad Bourasmilly”, said that he feels the lack of a center for enlightenment and interpretation of jihad in the province, he said: “Mond network commentators have enmity towards Gilan and recently.” The incidents of Rasht multiplied and the main factor was the confusion of the media. We should have been able to deal with many things in this discussion.

He stressed that before looking at security, we must have a social view of the recent events, he said: The recent events must be investigated to find out how these young men were released from Basij schools and placed on the other side.

Pour Esmaili pointed to the problems of producing content at the media level, saying: In addition to production, we do not have a suitable distributor for the produced content. Our products must be quickly distributed throughout the province, but this system does not exist.

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