No matter where he was killed, it’s for the good of TV

On the other hand, the assured victory of Dr. Ghani Nejad over one of the popular figures in the unified government made the gentlemen think about making amends for their mistakes. And whoever accomplishes this task is better than Alizadeh. The bold and reckless youth who does not consider people’s age, academic background, or opponent’s position makes him act softer. As a result, a scientific discussion turned into an exciting contest, and only a few hours after its completion, selected fragments of it with different titles scattered in the virtual space. Gani Nejad’s supporters declared him the undisputed winner in this debate, and Alizadeh’s supporters said that Gani Nejad’s defeat was heavy. It was clear from the literature on both sides that there was no such thing as just judgment. Before the discussion, everyone had decided where they stood. Just like Persepolis and Istiklal. Without any difference and of course this is the historical destiny of our land. The hustle and bustle, live and live, form the basis of our lives as Iranians. We have nothing to do with thinking and we are always looking forward to see who was able to destroy whom. And as long as the door turns on this heel, we will not get a way and no knot of our hidden work will be opened. The mixing of conflicting thoughts and opinions and these words is also a joke. We seek entertainment and avoid the pain of thinking. This is why dumb and dumb movies are so well received and pseudo-critics say that people go to see these movies because they are not feeling well. no honey. We, people, always prefer to go to the theater when we are happy, than to see a work that makes us think.

Those who are glad that television has taken a step forward are deeply mistaken. Conflicts like this will end in favor of the status quo and TV channels know that very well. One is an academic and a representative of the academy, under the pretense of defending liberalism, by rejecting and denying delegated politics, implicitly questioning any kind of attempt to achieve justice, and not saying a word about the state the country is in. They run in wartime, and the other, under the pretext of defending Hashemi Rafsanjani, calls technocrats the cause of this country’s misery. And whoever is killed is in the interest of Islam. Whether Alizadeh or Ghaninejad won, the fans won according to Ali Larijani’s interpretation. This game was a double win for TV and of course for Mr. Ghani Nejad and Alizadeh as well. Ghani Nejad faced a not very strong opponent who was giving passes to Dr. By appearing on one of the most official radio and television networks, Alizadeh was finally able to impose himself as a media activist in the Islamic Republic, legitimizing his activities and adding value to his fans among his followers. Meanwhile, only the languid audience that was looking for word of mouth was left without a hat.

If TV had an iota of honesty and really wanted to start a discussion between the people of Nazar, it should have invited Momeni or Raghufar instead of Alizadeh to confront Ghani Nejad. Where did Alizadeh Pandeh Khoda stand in Iran’s politics a few decades ago? What is the impact of his ideas on the economic policies of this country that must be answered? If Mr. Ghani Nejad believed that it was the economic and political left that brought the country to this day, he should have given their representatives a chance to defend themselves against these accusations. Apparently, going to the judge one way has become part of our normal, daily behavior.


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