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zebra kitchen curtains

Learn more about Zebra kitchen curtains. The kitchen is one of the most important parts of any home and is one of the spaces in the house that needs natural light. Women spend most of their day in the kitchen and like the kitchen to be light, so the design of the kitchen space should be beautiful and elegant, but also functional. The curtain is a decoration and accessories for the windows of any home, which in addition to controlling light and vision makes the home space beautiful. Zebra modular blinds are one of the newest and most elegant types of curtains that fit into the kitchen space due to their ease of installation and use.

zebra kitchen curtains

Curtains are one of the most important functional and decorative elements in any home, as they protect the privacy of people in the house and regulate ambient lighting, as well as influence the appearance of home décor. Zebra kitchen curtains are one of the modern, minimalist and very elegant types of curtains and attract the viewer’s attention at the same time.

Zebra blinds are a type of curtain, which is produced from a mixture of two types of fabrics, made of polyester, linen and mesh. Zebra blinds are installed in horizontal stripes and double way, in which a colored or patterned fabric is woven next to a layer of mesh. It is installed in two layers on the mounting roller above the window, and placed as one layer outside and the other layer inside the house. This curtain is called Zebra due to the similarity of this type of curtain to the zebra skin pattern.

The curtain can be opened and closed in two ways, manually and automatically. In the manual method, the curtain is controlled by a thread hanging on one side of the curtain. The other side of the string is connected to the cylinder and by pulling it open the curtain can be opened and closed and the amount of light entering the space of the house can be controlled and create shadow and light for the environment between 10 and 90 degrees. In the automatic method, the same is the only difference in the absence of filaments used remotely to control the curtain.

Most apartments today have limited space, and homeowners prefer to use appliances that take up little space while working. Zebra kitchen curtains have high functionality and can be used in several modes: climbing blinds, roller blinds, roller blinds and lace curtains. For this reason, it can be one of the best choices for all urological, educational, residential environments and especially the kitchen.

Zebra curtain features

High durability, easy installation, light weight, ease of maintenance and cleaning, having a variety of colors and designs are among the advantages of Zebra kitchen curtains, which made this curtain model popular among all people.

  • Lighting Control: Zebra curtain can adjust the ambient light. This curtain model allows you to adjust the ambient light in the dark, semi-dark or completely bright. The curtain can be adjusted to pass up to 50% of the light even when closed.
  • Privacy: This pattern blocks the outside view and makes the environment private. If necessary, you can open or close the curtain and use the light and facade outside the house.
  • Ease of maintenance: Zebra kitchen curtains do not require special maintenance conditions. Zebra curtain fabric is washable and can be soaked in water and detergent to remove stains and grease. If there is dust, it can be easily cleaned with the help of a damp cloth. This feature makes the fabric clean without discoloration or damage.
  • EASY TO USE: This curtain is very easy to use and easily adjustable with a chain. Some Zebra monitors are automatic and have a simple actuator that allows you to control them remotely or in motion.
  • SUITABLE FOR ANY TYPE OF WEATHER: Zebra style blinds can be used in all areas and in any weather conditions. By using zebra blinds in hot areas or in summer, they block sunlight and keep the house cool.
  • VARIETY OF DESIGNS AND COLORS: Zebra blinds are available in different colors and designs, in classic and modern styles, so they offer a wide range of choices for people and can be used in any space.
  • HIGH DURABILITY: The material of this type of curtain is very strong and durable and does not suffer from tearing and sagging.
  • Extensive use: Zebra blinds can be used in different places and spaces such as offices, schools and homes.

Types of models of kitchen zebra blinds

Zebra curtain fabric has different shapes. Among these motifs, we can mention simple, gusset, plaid designs, pleats, silhouettes, twos and children.

Simple zebra curtain

Simple design curtains are mostly used for minimalist and minimalist style spaces and are suitable for kitchen, bedroom and living room.

zebra pleated curtain

The folded model is mostly used in classical decoration. The Zebra pleated curtain model is available in simple floral designs. This curtain pattern with fabric material is a good suggestion for home instead of wall sticker.

patterned curtains

Zebra Decorative Curtains are available in ready-made designs and can be custom-made with the design desired by the customer. Zebra curtain model is applicable not only for homes, but also for offices, commercial spaces, shops and restaurants.

zebra blinds collection

In a combined zebra curtain model, several different models of zebra curtains are used simultaneously; Such as simple, folded, simple and embossed models. This form of Zebra curtains is mostly used in spaces such as hotels, reception halls and places where curtains are used to decorate the space.

silhouette curtains

The word “fantasy” means anti-light. The Zebra silhouette curtain model consists of two parallel layers of silk and one layer of fabric. The cloth layer is placed between the layers of the mesh. The appearance of the silhouette model of the Zebra curtain is similar to horizontal blinds.

baby curtains

This kind of Zebra blinds is a kind of patterned pattern blinds. Because cartoons can be printed and kids and teens’ favorites can be used in their rooms.

When buying a Zebra curtain, pay attention to its size, length, width and quality. When choosing a kitchen curtain, try to choose a color and design that matches the color of the walls, floors, and kitchen cabinets. If the tiles and walls of your kitchen are decorative, it is better to use simple curtains. Bright colors become boring for people in the house over time, and using warm, low-key colors is a better option.

The difference between shade curtains and zebra blinds

Some people consider zebra curtain and shed curtain to be one type of curtain, but this is a misconception. These two types of curtains are very different from each other and the only thing they have in common is window coverings. A shade curtain is a soft, light layer of linen, cotton, or fabric that can be plain or patterned. How to open and close a curtain with a curtain rod. In contrast, Zebra curtain is made of mesh and fabric, woven with parallel stripes and available in different colours, designs and models. The way to control the Zebra curtain is by using a chain or a remote control.

Another difference in appearance, shad and zebra blinds are similar but not alike in use. The Zebra curtain has a pulley that is responsible for adjusting the amount of light in the house. But the curtain cannot be adjusted and create shadows and lights, to close the curtain or it must be raised completely and to get the light the visibility must be lowered completely.

Types of zebra blinds in terms of mechanism

Zebra blinds are divided into two types based on their efficiency mechanism and shrinkage mode:

  • Single zebra blind mechanism
  • Zebra blinds have two mechanisms or zebra blinds for day and night

Single zebra blind mechanism

The zebra blind is a single mechanism that can be moved and adjusted with just one string. The movement system of the Zebra curtain is by pulling the chain hanging next to the curtain, connected to a pulley rail gearbox, the curtain rotates and moves up and down. When the zebra curtain is folded or unfolded in its frame, the layers of fabric and net for the curtain are layered on top of each other, creating a light and shade condition. The Zebra blind, the single automated model, can be used in two ways, manual and electronic. By placing a small electric motor at the horizontal end of the roll and using the remote control, the Zebra blind can be adjusted with the push of a button.

Zebra curtain has two mechanisms (day and night)

In the Zebra kitchen curtains, two mechanism model, two layers of curtains are used. In double-blind blinds, two completely separate blinds of a different design and color are installed on the window. The back layer is lined and made of polyester and used at night to prevent the interior of the house from being seen. Putting these two layers together adds beauty and special charm to your kitchen décor.

Another reason Zebra curtain is called two mechanisms is that there are two mechanisms to move the curtain up and down, each curtain has its own mechanism. Another name for the curtain is Alita Day and Night Curtain, because it can be adjusted to a specific time and hour of the day to get the desired state. Zebra mechanical double blind, like a single mechanism zebra blind, is designed and produced in very elegant and varied designs and colors.

Installing zebra blinds

Zebra kitchen curtains can be installed on walls and ceilings. The Zebra curtain consists of two parts at the time of purchase:

  • Factory ready-to-install blinds designed and manufactured
  • Special bases fixed to the wall or ceiling

Of course, before buying, you should choose the type of wall or ceiling you want from the types of Zebra kitchen curtains.

wall mounting

To mount the zebra blind to the wall, first make a mark and drill a hole 10 to 15 cm inward from the measuring base for the base of the curtain. Then screw the base of the curtain to the wall and then install the base of the ceiling horizontally and in line with it, under the base of the wall with the screws and nuts. Finally, place the curtain from the back groove into the top base and push the front of the curtain up to secure it inside the base.

Ceiling plinth installation

Installing the Zebra curtain in the ceiling way is the same as the wall method, first mark and drill 10 to 15 cm inward and then attach the base of the ceiling to the ceiling. Put the curtain through the back groove inside the ceiling plinth and push the front up to secure it inside the base.

In which parts of the house can the zebra blind be installed?

If you want to use Zebra blinds to make your home more beautiful, beware that these blinds are not usable and are useful for all parts of the house. Zebra curtain is a kind of horizontal shutter made of high quality fabrics and two-ply construction. This model of the curtain can be adjusted manually, electrically and even automatically. The Zebra curtain model is that if you choose the right fabric and color for it, it can be installed in different parts of the house such as the bedroom, kitchen and even the living room.

Zebra curtain is a good choice for spaces with a modern decor style. With the help of this curtain and the pull of its chains, the structure of the layers of the Zebra curtain changes vertically; So during the day you can enjoy the desired amount of natural sunlight. This curtain model, in addition to being able to change the amount of light passing through the windows, also helps protect the privacy of your home.

zebra curtain material

Zebra curtain fabric is completely different and designed for different uses. For example, for light-hung homes, blinds with thicker fabrics can be used, or for homes with low light, blinds with a thinner fabric can be used.

zebra blinds for kitchen

Choosing this type of curtains for the kitchen is very correct and principled for the following reasons:

1- Zebra sliding blinds can increase your kitchen space.

2- High washability.

3- These curtains are characterized by a wide variety of designs and colors. Therefore, depending on the type and color of kitchen and ceramic floors, you can choose the best option.

4- By installing and adjusting this curtain, you will get more light inside your kitchen space.

reception curtain

The Zebra curtain body is made of mesh and fabric, this model is produced with a special elegance and is laid in two parallel layers on top of each other. This beautiful curtain with its own designs can change the atmosphere of the house and bring you a lot of beauty.

Diversity in the design of such curtains allows you to choose the best curtain based on the style of interior decoration and the type of furniture. You can also use the new Valan style to decorate the top and sides of your curtains.

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