What happened in the country’s police chief’s meeting with Imam Juma Karman?

Informants / Kerman On the evening of May 27, the state police chief and the accompanying delegation met with the representative of al-Faqih in Kerman Province.

Sardar Ahmad Reza Radan, referring to the purpose of his trip to Kerman Province, stated in this meeting: Our colleagues in Faraj supervised strict and severe supervision over the province in all matters, and fortunately the results of the assessments were strictly observed. Kerman Province has achieved very high scores in all matters, and achieved good results, which usually achieve these indicators in less supervision at the provincial level.

He added, “It was decided that the friends in Faraga will soon solve some of the governorate’s problems that were left for years, and the governorate will be strengthened so that the colleagues can work with more freedom.”

Referring to the support provided by the officials of Kerman Province to the police force, Radan said: The efforts of our colleagues in the province were not only acceptable, but also advanced, and we promised that they will be better this year than the previous year, and we will certainly help them, as we build the south, and we must also strengthen Karman so that you can better deal with some issues, such as moving materials, etc.

According to the informants, the representative of the jurist in the province and the imam, Juma Karman, at this meeting, referring to the plans that the enemies are drawing for our country, addressed the country’s police chief and said: Praise be to God and you. The country’s police force would do well with these plans.

Hojjat al-Islam wal-Muslim Hassan al-Adadi Soleimani added: The police command of Kerman province, since the time my servant was in the province, was under the responsibility of Mr. Bani Asadi Far, who was a close friend of the martyr Soleimani and worked. Successfully and well, and during Sardar Nazri’s reign he also supervised various field areas, which are valuable and we see his achievements.

He went on to explain: Kerman province has high sensitivities for various reasons and it is the largest province in the country, and because of its neighborhood with the border provinces it has security issues of its own, and on the other hand it concerns the whole country because it is the state of the martyr Hajj Qassem and it is Soleimani and the shrine of the martyr is in this province.

Imam Juma Kerman said: We hope that the country’s law enforcement leadership will skillfully compensate for the deficiencies in the province’s facilities and that the colleagues of the province will be strengthened so that they can continue to perform their mission well in line with the orders of the Supreme Leader.

According to informants, the country’s chief of police met with the family of the martyr Ali Barzigar, the prominent martyr in the police force in 1402, as part of his trip to Kerman. It is noteworthy that the martyr Barzigar was martyred last year in a struggle with drug traffickers.

Sardar Radan also expressed his appreciation for the position of the martyr Major General Haj Qassem Soleimani and his companions through their presence in Golzar Martyrs of Kerman.

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