The purpose of submitting supporting documents at the time of registration at Azad University

With the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the State Civil Registration Organization and Azad University, the submission of identity papers at the time of registration at Azad University will be cancelled.

According to the informants, Referring to the signing of the document and the memorandum of understanding between the registration organization and the University of Azad, Tiranchi, President of the Islamic Azad University, told reporters: This memorandum will be effective in discussing information exchange and will reduce the university’s bureaucracy.

He continued: Every 18-year-old faces a mountain of identity authentication issues when he comes to us. This contact with the enrollment organization will be of maximum convenience to our students. This note and connection to the university network will make people’s work easier.

The President of Islamic Azad University said, “For these things to happen well, we must use the university’s network. As you know, Azad University is not in a city, but it is a university in the territory of the country, and it has the appropriate capacity to send a message from a leading organization in the country.” Bringing technology topics to people.

Referring to the use of new technologies, he said: What people expect is that we are producers of technology, not consumers. We must set up a technology center in the subject of registration and documentation, and the work of Banyan University in these centers should be strengthened and used in the field of soft and hard design. Students will see the fruits of this note and the reduction of bureaucracy in October. One of our significant issues is sending graduate certificates, which currently takes time and will reduce address verification of this bureaucracy for us.

Kargar, the head of the country’s Civil Registration Organization, told reporters: This memorandum provides identity services to Azad University.

And he continued: Given their broad community, whether in terms of the number of students and employees or in terms of geographic area, all affairs of Azad University are entered into identity services, and this work will help verify the authenticity of people and reduce the bureaucracy of identity documentation. This process facilitates the provision of services to students.

He said about changing the address within a certain period of time: The law stipulates that every Iranian who changes his address must change and correct this address in the registration system within 20 days. God willing, Azad University will benefit from the address database, as it did in many cases in receiving the address, which is one of the important issues for many measurements that are made through the address.

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