What is happening in Qom?

The news was: Last week, 3,000 children with symptoms of respiratory and viral illnesses went to Hazrat Masumeh (PBUH) Medical Centre. So far, none of the sick children and these deceased children have tested positive for the coronavirus.
There are certainly no statistics on how many children with this disease go to medical centers, clinics and other offices. But this undoubtedly exceeds the statistics of visits to the only children’s hospital in Qom. When collected, the depth of the disaster becomes more apparent.
Referring to the death of six children in Qom last week, Majid Mohebi said: These children have been admitted to the center for the children of Hazrat Fatima Masumeh. ️
He said: The deceased suffered from diseases that showed symptoms of recurrent seizures, leukemia, acute anemia, acute liver failure and septic shock, and two people showed respiratory symptoms.
The Vice President of Com Medical College did not mention the disease and the type of virus that infected the Com children!
On December 31, 51 female students from Noor Institute for Girls were hospitalized due to respiratory poisoning, the cause of which has not been announced yet. This respiratory poisoning has also occurred in some other educational centres
On the other hand, it was reported in the news that an unknown person shot two students on two wheels and ran away. The director of the seminary, Ayatollah Arfi, contacted Sardar Marfazi, the police chief of Qom province, and followed up the story of these two students.
The public relations of Qom University of Medical Sciences announced, on Sunday evening, December 7, that four clerics were injured by sharp tools at the hands of unknown persons.
In recent weeks, some social networks and news circles have reported the change of governor Koum.

# Editorial Journal, Dec. 19, Dec. 10

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