Why did people hate the seismic buying explosion of Mr. Qalibaf’s grandson from Turkey?

However, it doesn’t make sense just to buy Quake from the outside or that the work of an officer’s daughter and son-in-law is necessarily written on that officer’s foot. In many cases in the Islamic Republic, there are many instances where indigenous people use the father’s rent and credit, but in some cases, the children of officials may enjoy personal privileges or have no connection with the father. Carrying out an illegal act or act outside the relations and facilities of the official organs of the system.

In these cases, it is necessary for the appropriate officer to formally declare his opposition and to withdraw from the charge when necessary.
In my opinion, this is a point that the public is aware of and interested in, but nevertheless, the latter story is quickly reflected in cyberspace. Are there large-scale attacks on Kalibaf?

In the past few years, the community has heard at least three documented news and reports. Mr. On violations in the field of work and responsibility during the Kalibav municipality:
1. Astrological real estate
2. The grave violations of Issa Sharif, the deputy caliph
3. Tape seam is about 8 trillion abuse per wire
In all three cases, Mr. Khalif had a close relationship with his responsibility, the case had to be heard in a public court, whether Mr. Khalif was acquitted or not, and secondly, the case was heard in secret and dubious tennis court. Judgments are issued.
In the third case, the Supreme Leader, who is supposed to give a clear and decisive order to everyone to investigate this issue, is surprised by the astonishing public opinion about the disclosure of this tape in cyberspace. The Revolutionary Guard itself calls the spread of sludge against the revolutionaries!

In addition, Mr. Khalibov, with all his confidence, refuses to appear in interviews with the media or journalists, at least to explain his allegations to the public.
In addition, as Speaker of the Legislative Council, Mr. Khalibov is one of the officers who has taken a firm and uncompromising stance in the name of religion, revolution, resistance, anti-Americanism, Ashura spirit, and the imperative of attention. for the situation. Abu Talib still has branches and sanctions that have caused a lot of poverty, humiliation and misery in Iran, and the deal is delayed every day and causes hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to the country and other revolutionaries and officials! Millions of families, millions of families below the poverty line, and the declining middle class do not suffer.

Add to this the issue of the son of the commander-in-chief in Barzami’s negotiations, but there are convincing published documents that his son’s ship was built to sell oil and circumvent sanctions. Without a convincing answer, no responsible individual or organization will bear the revolutionary oppression, religion and hypocrisy of the nation against all these abuses.

Is it not right for people to be angry when they see the news of the earthquake, which was bought by the daughter and son-in-law of the President of the Revolutionary and Provincial Council Sardar Khalifa? And filling the cyberspace with different analyzes of Mr. Khalif? !

In my opinion, anyone who claims that people do not have such a right is a partner and benefactor of this miserable management of the country or dementia, and this is certainly wrong.

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