Why does SEW gearbox not have an official representative in Iran?

Sewing Gearbox Sewing Representative (import and distribution)

One of the most popular and widely used products offered by this series is the SEW gearbox and SEW direct shaft gearbox. This German company was founded and started operating in 1931, and today it has become a successful and large company that employs more than 15,000 people around the world to produce all kinds of these industrial products.

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Types of sewing gearboxes

The German company SEW produces a wide variety of gearboxes for industrial motors, and their types can be mentioned as follows:

  • necklace
  • spiral
  • Cranville
  • snail
  • straight shaft
  • 90 degrees rang
  • coal
  • Straight shaft top
  • Acid steam mixer
  • Conveyor production line
  • shrink disk
  • lip

The official representative of tailoring in Iran

If you are looking for a sewing agency for sewing in Iran and need after-sales services or purchasing products from this group, you can contact us now. The one-stop shop for SEW representative in Iran is a SEW repair and maintenance service provider in Iran. Contact us for more information on SEW gearbox repair.

United Store, as the representative and sales agent of SEW products in Iran, is proud to present all German SEW gearboxes with a one-year warranty and 5-year after-sales service along with the certification of this company to you, dear craftsmen. For more information on the price of SEW gearboxes and services and repairs for industrial gearboxes, you can contact the United store and communicate with the specialists of this group. The United Store Complex is proud to serve you, industrialists and citizens, by providing modern and high-quality equipment and providing you with the best products and the best brands.

SEW motor gearbox price

You can see the prices of the products of this brand in this section or contact the United Store to get more information about the product itself or prices.

SEW Germany

The company is a German company founded by Christian Farr in 1931 and currently employs more than 17,000 employees worldwide. This company with an annual turnover of $2.8 billion is one of the best companies in the field of manufacturing and industrial production, whose products are sold in Iran by United Store. Today, this model is recognized as a pioneer in motion technology and industrial automation, as a solution to challenges in the field of motion and transportation.

SEW industrial variable speed gearboxes generally do not have much consumption if they are standard, but still, this product needs service and repairs from time to time, and the repair of this product should be done by an expert and skilled person. It can be reused and used for a long time.

Buy SEW gearbox motor

In order to select and purchase this sensitive industrial part, things such as location and installation of the machine, speed, input power, output shaft or hollow shaft, gears, etc. must be calculated and evaluated. Given that the correct installation and selection of this industrial part is important in the equipment and infrastructure of factories and industrial units, all cases must be evaluated by an experienced expert. For consultation and purchase of SEW gearboxes in Iran, you can contact the sales unit of this group now.

Guide to the table of technical specifications of SEW gearboxes

In this section we can see example tables for K, F, R and S series. In general, we have two types of tables for technical specifications:

  • For standard output speed based on the nominal power of the drive motor (Pm – kW)
  • For low output speed in multistage gearboxes based on maximum allowable torque (Ma max – Nm)






I FRa1)


sew fB M


nominal power output speed output torque Conversion ratio The maximum permissible load on the output shaft Invoice service model Weight




I FRa1)




maximum output torque output speed Conversion ratio The maximum permissible load on the output shaft model Weight

Table of tolerances for German SEW gearboxes

Bearing shaft height

shaft height tolerance
h 250 mm -0.5 mm
H> 250 mm 1- mm

tolerance diameter

Output shaft diameter tolerance
Ø ≤ 50 mm ISO k6
Ø> 50 mm ISO m6

The size of the screws located at the end of the shaft

Output shaft diameter screw size
Ø = 7 … 10 mm m 3
Ø> 10 … 13 mm m 4
Ø> 13 … 16 mm m 5
Ø> 16 … 21 mm m 6
Ø> 21 … 24 mm M 8
Ø> 24 … 30 mm m 10
Ø> 30 … 38 mm M 12
Ø> 38 … 50 mm M 16
Ø> 50 … 85 mm m 20
Ø> 85 … 130 mm Messier 24
Ø> 130 mm M30


Diameter flange size tolerance
Ø ≤ 230 mm Flange with dimensions from A120 to A300 ISO j6
Ø> 230 mm Flange with dimensions A350 to A660 ISO h6

Eye bolts

gearbox or engine model Screw-in lifting eyebolts Threaded eyebolts Molded eye suspension lugs
pp. 37 – pp. 57
67 – R 107
27 – F 157
K 37 – K 157
167 – K 187
Q37- Q47
pg. 57 – pg. 97
≥ DV112

Air relief valve

The air screw is shown in the diagram of gearboxes. According to the factory M1 to M6 installation method, the degassing valve can be located at these points, and as a result, it may change the alignment lines slightly.

Flanged hollow shaft

FV series .. hollow shaft gearbox with dimensions 27 to 107 and KV .. series with dimensions 37 to 107 with flanged hollow shafts according to DIN 5480.

Why is SEW gearbox so popular?

  • If you are looking for a reliable industrial gearbox brand, there is no doubt that Sew Gearbox can be considered as one of the most reliable gearbox brands in the world.
  • SEW gearbox, which is originally from Germany, can be taken as a reference for gearboxes in the world.
  • Many brands in the world have started manufacturing industrial gearboxes based on this internationally recognized brand.
  • The sewing gearbox has a very good appearance and the gears are designed to occupy the least space.
  • Many Iranian brands, in addition to producing VEW design gearboxes, also made SEW design gearboxes.
  • If we were to compare, a gearbox with less space would offer a greater shift ratio and therefore lower revolutions.

Electric stitching gearbox

  • SEW electric gearbox is one of the most popular and high quality electric gearboxes in the world.
  • This model of gearboxes is actually a combination of an electric motor and a gearbox.
  • SEW gearboxes are made in Germany and have 80 years of experience.
  • This brand from Europe is one of the best European brands in manufacturing industrial parts.
  • This brand was founded by Mr. Christian Bahr and has managed to produce various industrial parts till today.
  • “Think globally, act local” is SEW’s motto.
  • In fact, this company has 48 factories and branches all over the world, which shows that it lives up to its motto.
  • Using the most advanced and best production lines in the world, SEW has been able to produce world class electric gearboxes.
  • This company has 550 specialists and 15,000 employees.
  • All details of the design and production of these gearboxes are checked by SEW experts.

Types of sewing gearboxes

Sew gearbox class

SEW electric gearboxes and gearboxes are divided into the following two categories:

  • standard
  • industrial

Types of sewing gearboxes

Typically, SEW electric gearboxes are divided into two categories:

  • solar gearbox (planetary)
  • Helical electric gearbox

The solar gearbox can transmit very high torque and provide high conversion ratio depending on its application. Of course, this division is not the only way to classify SEW gearboxes, and in terms of power transmission, gearboxes are divided into three classes:

  • Live shaft gearboxes (also known as suspension gearboxes)
  • Right angle gearbox (90 degree gearbox)
  • solar (planetary)

Differences in types of sewing gearboxes

  • nominal proportionality that is offered on various models of SEW gearboxes,
  • The main difference between them is the amount of power and torque they can transmit.
  • Industrial gearboxes are capable of transmitting much higher torque than standard gearboxes.
  • Industrial electric gearboxes contain a powerful and powerful electric motor that is capable of producing high powers.

Three important and effective features of SEW industrial electric gearboxes are:

  • power
  • Quality
  • durability

These products are responsible for collecting all customer needs and performing at the time of need

The set of tasks assigned can include the transport and processing of raw materials, the processing of the required energy and the production of the required products

This model of electric gearboxes is able to provide services in all these areas.

SEW electric gearbox features

Different series and models of SEW gearbox have different uses, which should be determined according to the transmission torque of the body material and the size of its components. SEW electric gearboxes have unique design features, some of which are mentioned in the following section:

  • SEW gearboxes have the ability to be installed with a base and flange, which must be selected according to the location of the gearbox.
  • One of the best and greatest features of SEW electric gearboxes is the high quality raw materials used in it.
  • The equipment can be designed and manufactured according to customer needs in order to use the gearbox in different conditions
  • Possibility of installing the SEW gearbox in different conditions depending on the position of the machine shaft
  • SEW gearboxes typically have a cast iron body and a stainless steel shaft. Aluminum is also used in some of the gearbox’s internal components.
  • This model of gearboxes can be installed horizontally and vertically according to customer needs.

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