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In the 21st century, most of our work can be done entirely online. All Internet users and business owners need to create their own correspondence to create an email, but for many, how to create and how to use a corporate email can be quite a challenge.

You may also want to create a professional corporate email address, which is a corporate email address that replaces your Gmail or Yahoo account. Create email with the required extension for free This is very convenient.

Most beginners use public email accounts for company email, but this method doesn’t include the organization’s domain name and doesn’t look professional at all.

Since anyone can create these public email accounts, it is difficult for users to trust these email addresses as legitimate email accounts for work.

In this article, citing the Boom site builder group, we will examine how to create an enterprise email, and how to easily create an enterprise email address in less than 4 minutes. Stay with us until the end.

Enterprise email and its apps

When we hear the word email, the first thing that comes to mind is email servers like Gmail, Yahoo,.. Users may need a corporate email for their business. company email, Email is created on a business-related host and domain Other email servers are no longer useful.

You need a host and a domain to have a corporate email. Most hosting companies allow you to create emails.

At first glance, setting up an enterprise email address may seem difficult, but creating it only takes a few minutes and offers you many possibilities, the most important of which is Increase user confidence for your work.

There are other reasons why an organization email is necessary, and here are the most important ones:


Your business branding is reflected in the emails sent to users. Sending emails with your brand, for example whistleblower news, allows you to spread your brand with every email you send. This leads the audience to remember your brand faster and when users can remember the brand they can easily find your website.

Create emails to communicate with users

Email addresses related to user services, customers always have questions or problems after using your services and products, and contact customer service for assistance. By creating an email, you can make it very easy and reassure customers that they have contacted a reputable person in your company and their problems will be addressed as soon as possible.

professional response

When answering users’ questions, you should have an email containing the organization domain that indicates that you are part of a real organization and provide fully legal and valid services. This way, you are creating a correct image of your business for your users.

Increase Sales

Imagine that you received an email with the subject of ad reporting.

Do you easily trust this email address?

Is this email address related to products, services, or brand?

If your answer is no, then the probability of answering it is very low.

Now let’s say you get an email from the Wix website, when you know from which organization that email was sent to you, the chances of it being read and answered are much higher.

Your organization’s email address indicates that you are a professional. With a custom company domain, you can create separate email addresses for your sales team to help them work on leads for sales and business development.

high security

Enterprise emails contain security sections that you can configure using cPanel. This is very important for businesses, as breaking rules and information can dramatically reduce your site traffic in an instant.

Do not send spam using a valid service

If you start sending out contact emails for your company, your email will start to be flagged as spam, especially if your email address is suspicious and not associated with a verified domain name.

It is also possible for users to mark your email as spam just because they don’t recognize your brand. To prevent this from happening, simply use an organization’s domain name that matches your site, social media profile, products, services, and store. Having an enterprise email address gains public trust and greatly reduces the risk of spam detection.

The SMTP Pro plugin is useful in this regard and helps you set up your site to send emails to your users from a trusted provider and block unwanted emails.

Create a company email in C Panel

If your site and business is on a C-Panel, you can simply create a organizational email on it.

Note that there are steps you can follow to register an email:

Log in to cPanel

  • sign in to cPanel:Log in to your C panel first. To enter the C-Panel, if you forgot your password or do not have access, enter the Services section through the hosting user panel, and then log in to your host.

Enter the hostname and password as shown in the image to enter your hosting panel.

  • Create a corporate email on hosts: After logging in to the host, enter the compose email section. There is a section in Panel C called Email that deals with emails. In this section, click on the Email accounts option so that you can access the created accounts and enter the required information.
  • Enter the company email through Panel C: After completing the email creation step, you will enter the main body of the email and enter your username and password to enter your email.

Create a company email in direct management

If you are using Direct Admin Hosting for your site, you can easily create your own corporate email. To create an enterprise email on line admin, you must follow the steps:

Log in to DirectAdmin

  • sign in to DirectAdmin: To create an email, you must first log into the direct administrator environment, and by entering your username and password, you will enter the direct administrator host management section.

Hint: If you forgot your Direct Admin username and password, simply log into the hosting section and log into the host. You will no longer need a username and password.

  • Create a company email: In this section, create the required email in direct admin. To do this, simply enter the Email Accounts section, which is located in the Email Management section, and enter the required information.
  • Log in to the company’s email via direct admin: After creating the email, login now if you have direct access to the host. And if you do not have access, you must log in via email. To use Webmail, simply enter your webmail after your domain to return to the email login page, enter your username and password in that field, and click Login.

Frequently Asked Questions Building a corporate email

Below, we’ll collect and review users’ most frequently asked questions about company email and how to use it.

Is it possible to create a company email for free?

Of course, it depends on your host, but in general, yes, you can create several corporate emails for free.

Is it possible to create a company email without a domain?

No, you cannot in any way create a company email without a domain. Of course, you can create an email with Gmail or Hotmail and use your business name in it, but users will not know it as your company email address.

Is it possible to have a company email without launching the site?

yes. However, you will still have to pay for the hosting of the site as you will receive the email service and domain name with your hosting package. After registering, select the domain and finally create your email address.

Can a company’s email address be used to send a large number of emails from the site?

Yes, we always encourage users to send site emails via SMTP to ensure email delivery. For websites and online stores, also use Gmail SMTP servers to boost your site’s emails.

Also, for advanced bulk email marketing features, it’s best to use the appropriate email marketing service along with your business email address so you can tweak features like autoresponder, marketing automation, and more.

How long does it take to create an enterprise email?

By reading this article carefully, you can create your company email in less than 7 minutes.

In the end

Company email is a service used by many companies. Corporate email has many advantages and can be implemented on all hosts. In this article about corporate email, we discuss its benefits for businesses as well as ways to create corporate email on hosts.

If you have any questions or ambiguities regarding the company email, let us know through the comments section or the website

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