Football is too expensive for women! – Informants

The mission was set from the first days. Read the news: Women’s independence and increased double tickets for the game Pikan! Nobody asks why?

Nothing can be said and now the way is open for women, they must pay for it! This is Iran and there is no supervision of such things, the women are hungry to come to the stadium, they are enthusiastic and very motivated to watch football freely. Now tickets will increase from 50 thousand tomans to 100 thousand tomans. What’s going on There are a lot of girls and women who buy tickets for 200,000 tomans but pay 100,000 tomans, and we shouldn’t fish out of muddy water.

I remembered holiday nights, rainy nights when taxis wouldn’t come, merchants who doubled prices to see an excited customer, neck and neck in many movies.

Responsible gentlemen, comrades, respected officers and all involved in this business, do not raise your shoulders, do not say that you are just an executive, at least someone who offends you will come and give a simple explanation of why this is so. Event? The incentive is not abused and the reason for this increase is to provide appropriate welfare opportunities, to provide excellent infrastructure or for the benefit of women and men, we are waiting.

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