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According to an online reporter, Esfandiar Janjpur spoke on Saturday night He says With the media, he described adequate accommodation for travelers and efforts to record a permanent memory of travelers’ stay in the province as a priority in the education system. , blanket, etc. Done with interest Gets From the capacity of the camps and teachers’ homes, 33 thousand Newroz travelers in the form of 8 thousand 25 families were admitted and accommodated.

He also announced the monitoring and inspection of shelter schools during Nowruz, and said: In addition, dear travelers can report their suggestions and criticisms to the Department of Performance Evaluation and Response to Complaints, and there is an office for this purpose in every school. Which is reviewed on a daily basis by members of the city’s headquarters.

The head of the Education Care and Support Department in Lorestan announced the holding of a special training course for the members of the accommodation crew as well as for the service forces and guards in order to show more respect for the travelers. The hospitality of the staff and members of the accommodation staff in the bases and schools.

Jangpur said: Among the effective measures taken by the Education and Residence Headquarters in Lorestan this year is visiting tourist places such as the historical high school of Imam Khomeini (may God be pleased with him) in Borujerd and the Wildlife Museum for education.

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