The possibility of changing Iran’s strategy towards the war in Ukraine

The tacit acceptance of Ukraine’s involvement in an attack of several small birds on the workshop complex of the Ministry of Defense in Isfahan by Zelensky’s advisor is a responsible and legal admission.

According to the informants, an informed official in conversation with Noor News He said, “If the hostile statements made by Mykhailo Podolak, advisor to the President of Ukraine, against Iran are not corrected by the official authorities of this country, they may lead to different reactions from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Referring to Iran’s principled stance towards the war in Ukraine, and repeatedly stressing the need to stop the military conflict and resolve the conflict through dialogue, he said: While the government of Ukraine, by instigating its Western partners based on a false statement, accuses Iran of providing support with weapons during the war in Ukraine Russia has so far been unable to provide any documents to substantiate its claim.

Referring to Iran’s repeated endeavors to hold a joint meeting with the Ukrainian side in order to review documents related to this country’s claims, this informed official said: In the recent joint meeting held between political and military experts in the two countries. In Qatar, no documents were submitted from the Ukrainian side to prove the claim of Iran’s support with weapons from Russia, and it was agreed to present the documents in the upcoming meetings!

The tacit admission of Ukraine’s involvement in the attack of several small birds on the workshop complex of the Ministry of Defense in Isfahan was seen by Zelensky’s adviser as a responsible admission and affirmed: Ukraine’s assertion of a threat to Iranian national security could be the basis. To study the change of positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran with regard to the war in Ukraine and to adopt a new and appropriate approach to the behavior of the Kyiv government.

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