127 thousand hectares of land in northern Golestan is the source of dust / desertification development and rehabilitation of pastures

Detectives / Golestan Director of Natural Resources and Watershed Management of Golestan Province, said that 317,000 hectares of land in Golestan Province are exposed to desert: about 127 thousand hectares of this land is the source of dust.

Referring to the results of the president’s visit to Golestan, Abdul Rahim Lutfi told reporters: “The issues have priority.”

“Fortunately, during the president’s visit to Golestan, these cases were taken into account and a loan of about 500 billion tomans was considered for watershed management, aquaculture, forest development and support, which will be realized within three years,” he said.

Director of Natural Resources and Watershed Management of Golestan Province stated: By allocating this loan, it will be possible to manage watersheds and aquaculture operations in 350,000 hectares of mountainous lands, foothills and national lands required for this operation. : If this happens, the level of our operations in the province will reach one million hectares.

Lutfi noted that 1.4 million hectares of land in Golestan Province need watershed management and aquaculture, stressing: Allocating funds for operations at the level of one million hectares will create favorable conditions for Golestan Province and the region to improve safety and water issues. Do.

He announced the allocation of 115 billion tomans as credit for deforestation and restoration of pastures in Golestan province within three years, and stated: Because this important coordination was made during the President’s visit to Golestan.

The source of dust said: Some cities of the province, which is responsible for managing natural resources and managing watersheds in the Golestan region, are prone to desertification.

Lutfi pointed out that: “Our colleagues in Gonbad Kavouss and Ikvala have taken good steps in the past years to deal with desertification, and this work is under development, and Gonbad Kavouss was added to this counter project.”

He noted: In total, 616 billion tomans is the income of the president’s trip to Golestan, which I think we should spend this money properly and part of the problems of natural resources and watershed management in Golestan province.
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