The salary increase for retirees and retirees will be implemented and paid from May

The CEO of the Social Security Corporation announced the implementation and payment of the salary increase for retirees and retirees to this organization as of May, and he said about the details of this increase: The April salary increase difference will also be paid to retirees and retirees. Retirees at the same time as the month of May salary.

According to informants And quoting from the Public Relations Institution of Social Security d. The law increases pensions and fringe benefits for all retirees, disabled retirees and total survivors’ pensions. Accordingly, the amount of retirement, disability and total survivors’ pensions determined up to the end of 1401, for recipients of the minimum pension and for those with partial disability and other persons whose pensions are determined in proportion to the years of premium payment, is twenty-seven percent (27%)) Their pension will be increased at the end of March 1401.

He added: For other levels above the minimum pension, the increase in 1402 will be twenty-one percent (21%) of their pension at the end of March 1401 plus a fixed amount of two million 507 thousand 880 riyals.

Dr. explained. Mousavi said that, based on the recommendation of the President of the Republic to help pensioners, the collateral benefits for pensioners have increased significantly this year, and he said: The amount of the pension fund and housing allowance for retirees. The number of retirees and retirees increased by 21%. A 125% increase was applied to the family allowance, from 407,000 tomans to 917,000 tomans. The allowance for dependent children of retirees and retirees increased by about 300%, and for each child it increased from 105,000 tomans to 422,000 tomans.

The CEO of the Social Security Corporation also reported the payment of the balance of the settlement of salaries of retirees subject to this issue and said: The amount related to the balance of settlement of pensioners subject to this increase will be applied and paid. From the beginning of this year. The new provisions are also being updated, and in the next few days the new provisions will be available to dear retirees from the Social Security Institution’s website at the address, dear retirees and retirees. They will get paid in May as usual from the 20th to the end of the month, and receive salary increases.

Dr. mentioned. Mousavi paid the loans of Karzul Husna to retirees as one of the other procedures of the Social Security Corporation, and he said: 35 thousand applicants for Karzul Husna loans were left from last year and the loans of those. The installments have been paid in the past few days. For the year 1402, the process of repaying the loan will take place in the coming days. It has been completed and the proposal to increase the loan amount this year has been submitted to the Board of Directors. The Board of Trustees of the Social Security Corporation and its affiliated funds.

The CEO of the Social Security Corporation also said about the current conditions of the Social Security Corporation: Last year, we fulfilled the fund’s obligations amounting to 460 thousand billion tomans in full and on time, with an average of 38 thousand 500 billion tomans. It is paid monthly to meet the obligations of the Social Security Organization. It included long-term liabilities, short-term liabilities, treatment obligations and cost support funds. Despite some challenges, we ended last year successfully and with full implementation of all commitments, and this year the necessary expectations have been set and the commitments of the Social Security Institution will be fulfilled without any problems.

Dr. described. Mousavi is optimistic about the future of the Social Security Corporation and said: In the past two years, very good things happened in the Social Security Organization with the support of the 13th People’s Government in the field of debt repayment for the organization, and the bank debt of this organization amounts to 106 billion tomans, and before 1400-1993, we settled the establishment and guarantee The socialite who grew up as a bank debtor. Also, during this period, the largest unprecedented payment of the government’s social security debt occurred, as 180 thousand billion tomans of the government’s social security debt, related to the accumulated debts from previous years, were paid. In this year’s budget, a total of 80 thousand billion tomans have been provided to pay off the government’s debts for social security.

He added: The experience of the past year showed that with the right transformational orientation and maximum cooperation and rapprochement between the honorable government, the Social Security Organization and the esteemed parliament, not only can daily challenges be solved, but through a transformative approach and positive fund management, we can lead to a future full of hope and expectation, and we will that.

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