We seek to protect the insured from the costs of treatment

The Informers / Gilan The CEO of the Iranian Health Insurance Company considered that one of the tasks of this organization is to protect the insured from treatment costs and said: So far, 9,153 patients in this province have been covered by the Special and Incurable Diseases Support Fund.

Today, February 5, in a meeting with the governor of Gilan, Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Nashi said, explaining the duties and performance of the Iranian Health Insurance Authority at the level of Gilan province: insurance coverage for the needy and vulnerable, especially those who live on the outskirts of cities and disadvantaged areas, developing health care approaches, setting priorities and supporting Prevention services in order to improve the health of the insured and deepen the insurance services in order to support the insured in need, especially the chronic and incurable patients, among these tasks based on the strategic plans of the thirteenth government.

He stated that the Ceylan health insurance ranks first in the country in the field of paying the extra costs of treatment for special and incurable patients, and added: With the start of this fund as of November this year, 107 diseases were covered, with a rate of 221 cases. Being processed and loaded with 2 billion 728 million tomans of excess costs, 1.5 billion tomans have been paid to about 150 people so far.

The CEO of the Iranian Health Insurance Organization indicated that the Special and Incurable Diseases Support Fund was established in line with the mission of protecting the insured from treatment costs, and continued: So far, 9,153 patients in this province are covered by the private sector. Disease Support Fund.

Nashi said: The excess costs of basic and supplementary insurance coverage for all 107 types of diseases for people covered by any type of basic insurance, including health insurance, including villagers, government employees, and other categories, insurance for Iranians, general health insurance, and social insurance. Security and insurance pay the armed forces and other insurance.

Asadullah Abbasi, Governor of Gilan, also pointed out the importance of insurance in the welfare and health of the community and added: It is expected that insurance services will be provided in different Gilan regions in a balanced manner by the Health Ministry. Promotion of the insurance organization for the welfare of the insured

He added: At the same time, in addition to providing electronic services, the direct services needed by the insured and applicants must be readily available to people.

The governor of Gilan considered providing a platform for insurance services for all as a valuable step and mentioned: comprehensive health insurance coverage, coverage of infertility services, the establishment of a support fund for special and incurable diseases, and the implementation of electronic prescriptions are among the most important government services in the country. A form of health insurance that has been improved to please the people of the thirteenth government.

Referring to the report on the payment of excess treatment costs in the form of coverage of the Special and Incurable Diseases Support Fund by the health insurance company, Abbasi said: It is possible that the Gilan health insurance ranks first in the country in this field. From paying the extra costs of treatment for special and distressed patients, it is appreciated and necessary to expand and improve its activities in all sectors.

He stressed that providing appropriate and high-quality services should be the focus of the activities of insurance institutions, especially health insurance, so that people do not have to worry about anything other than treating the disease.

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