We give land to applicants to build villa houses

The Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development said: In addition to the construction of housing complexes in new cities, in the National Housing Movement plan, we also have on our agenda the supply of self-owned land for applicants.

Alireza Jafari said in an interview with reporters: Building the capacity for housing construction by handing over the land to applicants for single-storey houses is an important point pursued by the New Cities Construction Company. In cities where demand is less and we have more land, we are studying villa house construction plan.

The Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development stated: Among the provinces where we can get land in its new cities are the provinces of Semnan and Isfahan and the southern part of the country including the provinces of Hormozgan, Khuzestan, Bushehr and Sistan and Baluchestan, which we are ready for applicants to build houses from one to three floors will be Give them land individually or in groups.

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According to Al-Jaafari, the collective land allotment of applicants is one of the other plans to increase housing production in the country. If groups of five or more are organized and applicants declare willingness, we can provide land and facilities for people.

The CEO of Omran Al-Sayed Hadid Construction confirmed: We have to change our approach from contractor to contractor in the housing sector. When the housing is built by the applicants individually or in a group, the final price goes down, the quality goes up, and the applicants also manage the speed of getting the work done. Also, people can build housing according to their own taste.

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