3000 million low interest facility 300 million toman for the purchase of a tractor

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade announced the allocation of 3000 million tomans for the purchase of tractors.

According to the informants, Omid Khalfaf announced when announcing this news: that the interest on this facility is four percent and its repayment period is seven years, and based on the contract that will be concluded next week, the ceiling of 1000 billion tomans is considered. on this matter. possibilities. . This facility is paid by a bank.

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, referring to the growth of tractor production by 50% in the first half of this year, said that the production of tractors grew by 50% in the first six months of 2011 and reached 14,625 tractors. Since 2011. 9750 devices in the same period last year.

He added: During the same period, the export of tractors also grew by 89%. 943 tractors were exported in the first half of this year, and they will reach 4,600 by the end of this year.

The volume of the duty free tractor market is increasing

Adviser to the Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade said: Abolish the current free market for tractors. The increase in the production of tractors led to a significant decrease in the difference between factory and market prices. So the 399 tractor, which had a price of 750 million tomans on the open market in April of this year, is now 640 million tomans (which is more than the factory price of 500 million tomans; this problem is mainly due to sleeping money during the delivery period ) and some models can have negative price growth.

Qalibaf concluded by noting that the annual need for tractors is estimated at 20 thousand units, and more than this requirement, 35 thousand units of tractors will be produced this year. This production growth is a factor in increasing exports and also eliminating the demand for capital and open markets.

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