Negotiations for the North-South Corridor railway project start / Ince – Boron – Shahrud – Tapas

Detectives / Golestan The deputy governor of Golestan for Coordination of Economic Affairs announced the start of negotiations with investors to implement the North-South railway project from Ince-Buran to Shahrud and Tabas.

Speaking at the meeting of the board of directors of the General Directorate of Industry, Mines and Trade in Golestan and related agencies, Syed Muhammad Dahnavi said, pointing out that the development of Golestan requires several basic elements that are one of the main pillars of this development. : Industry, mining, trade and their offshoots. He added: “If we want to push the situation in the country forward, we must have a transformation plan because the current situation does not satisfy us and the efforts must be broad and high.”

The deputy governor of Golestan for Economic Coordination said that the prospects should be based on knowledge and technology in order to achieve change and progress, and said: The Knowledge-Based Prosperity Law has witnessed all the capabilities of development.

“In today’s global trade, trade and people’s economy is such an important and practical principle that if any country wants to progress, it has to realize this important operating principle,” he said.

Dhanavi emphasized that in order to achieve great goals, one must have a plan and move forward with the project, he continued: We must know where we are now and what path we want to reach.

Dahnavi stressed: The Sixth Development Plan is the best plan for the country’s development.

Referring to the need to develop the country’s industrial and production infrastructure, he said, “We all need to know where we are in our organization, where we are in our operational plan and how committed we are to developing the business.” Let’s go.

The Deputy Governor of Golestan for Coordination of Economic Affairs considered that the use of new technologies and the use of people’s capabilities and modern science and knowledge are the key to achieving change today and added: “Experience should be used.”

Referring to the allocation of funds for the construction of the Ince Boron, Shahroud and Tabbas railways, he stressed that “negotiations are underway with investors and the implementation of this railway will undoubtedly bring about a tremendous change in the commercial and financial field of the province.” “

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