Can importing cars have an impact on the local market?

The deputy head of the Industries and Mines Committee of the Islamic Council considered the impact of car imports on the local market from several factors, and said: The ceiling of the currency value set for car imports will not have a significant impact on the market. Of course it will not be affected.

In an interview with reporters, Ali Akbar Karimi, referring to government regulations on car imports and the impact of imports on the local market, said that the impact of car imports on the local market depends on several factors, including the size of the vehicle. . It is strange to import and compare the number of imported cars with local cars. For example, if a car is imported that does not have a local equivalent, then, of course, competition does not make sense.

Referring to Article 4 of the law regulating the automobile industry, he said: One of the conditions for import is that cars that are used by the general public are imported. With this situation, it is assumed that the imported car can be competitive in terms of quality and price after the domestically produced cars, and finally, the amount of import depends on the acceptance of the import seekers and the acceptance of the customers. In this way, we can talk about the effects of import.

And the deputy head of the Industries and Mines Authority of the Islamic Council continued: The law approved by the House of Representatives allowed the import of cars for a period of five years, taking into account the conditions. For example, if the domestic auto market is $10 billion, the import volume is 10% of it. The extent to which these 10% cause disruptions in the local market and how effective they are should be investigated.

Karimi said, “Given the ceiling of the value of foreign currencies for car imports, it seems that car imports will not have a significant impact on the market, of course it will not.

In conclusion, he indicated that: After submitting the application, the importer of the car can quickly import it into the country.

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