Enhancing Mazandaran production standards to attract export target markets

Informants / Mazandaran While the foreign minister stressed the strengthening of local production standards to meet the expectations of target markets for export, he pledged to follow up on issues related to the export of local Mazandaran products in cooperation with embassies.

In a meeting with the governor of Mazandaran, Hossein Amir Abdollahian referred to the unique climate of this northern province and said: Mazandaran can serve as a basis for political and economic strengthening in national decision-making.

The foreign minister spoke about the effective role of Mazandaran in the economic development of the region, and expressed his happiness with this meeting and promised to hold many meetings in this province in the future.

With an emphasis on enhancing local production standards to meet the expectations of target markets for export, this official promised to follow up issues related to the export of local Mazandaran products in cooperation with embassies.

He ordered Abdollahian, while approving the plan for educational diplomacy centered in Mazandaran, to follow up on the proper implementation of this plan.

The Governor of Mazandaran also discussed issues related to the development of Mazandaran diplomacy in various economic, political, cultural, educational and sports fields.

Mr. Mahmoud Husseinpour explained the regional and national capabilities of Mazandaran and evaluated the productions of this province as unique. He said: In the past two years in the field of economic diplomacy, the efforts made in this sector were great. Currently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is asking him for his embassies to have a special role to coordinate and facilitate diplomatic visits and send Mazandaran business delegations to the target countries and vice versa.

The governor of Mazandaran pointed to the special capabilities of this province and its possession of three airports and three important ports due to its location in the north-south corridor and added: Mazandaran can play an important and effective role in developing diplomacy in the thirteenth division. Government.

Abdullahian: Enhancing production standards in Mazandaran to attract target markets for export

Mazandaran has become a diplomatic center for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Husseinpour said: Given that Mazandaran has the potential to become the main center for holding meetings, seminars and international events, in terms of technical, civil, cultural, historical and natural infrastructures, it can be the main center for diplomatic visits of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. foreign affairs

In line with the development of economic diplomacy, the governor of Mazandaran said: Removing export barriers, especially in target countries such as Russia, China and the CIS countries, is effective for the economic development of Mazandaran.

Educational diplomacy is focused on Mazandaran

This official also introduced the country’s special plan for educational diplomacy focused on Mazandaran and stated: It is necessary to use the capacity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to develop educational diplomacy.

The Governor of Mazandaran spoke about the high capabilities of Mazandaran’s agricultural, manufacturing and industrial economy and said: Mazandaran, due to the presence of three international airports in Sari, Nowshahr and Ramsar, can move in the direction of welcoming tourists to move from traditional to modern tourism.

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