Signing of a cooperation agreement between Tehran Municipality and the Ministry of Science

A memorandum of joint cooperation was signed between the Tehran Municipality and the Ministry of Science.

According to the informants, Ali Reza Zakani, Mayor of Tehran, attended the exchange ceremony between the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and Tehran Municipality today in order to enhance and share the capabilities of these two institutions. And Muhammad Ali Al-Zulfi Gul, Minister of Science, was arrested in the municipality building.

Speaking at the ceremony, Alireza Zakani said: “Today we are proud to sign a memorandum that will help in the proper management of the city, raising awareness and knowledge, developing technology, and creating a smart city.” Given the high potential of the city of Tehran, this note will serve the country’s largest knowledge base with a high level of service.

He said: In this urban management course, we experience participatory management to achieve physical and mental progress in different dimensions: the greatness of science is clear to all. Today, we are proud of having obtained a memorandum of understanding with a scientific center, and after that we announced the city’s needs to people of knowledge and tried to provide our services to the university.

Noting that our mission in urban management is to bring about three transformations, Zakani continued: The first transformation is the transformation of the city body, so we try to provide comfort by modernizing the city in the transportation hub and creating a new architectural identity. And securing the city, securing it and compensating for its defects. Indeed, with this urban renewal, we are looking for a model city.

The mayor of Tehran added: The transformation in the soft sphere and the spirit of the city is the second stage of transformation, and all areas related to this field are targeted in culture and society, and this should lead to the creation of ideal citizens. .

He said: The third stage of the transformation that connects these two sectors is the technological transformation leading to the smart city, and we hope that we will be able to bring about these transformations and with the participation of the Ministry of Science we can add profit and value to higher education. Arrange let’s use it for the city and of course the city management should also serve the creator of this added value.

Below, Mohammad Ali Zulfi Gul, Minister of Science, summoned the mayor of Tehran from the academically literate community of the country and said: It is clear that the mayor of Tehran has a special place with these characteristics and history. Science and technology This view is fully reflected in the MoU it is clear. The purpose of this note is to understand each other’s effective capabilities and synergistic communication.

He said: The mayor’s decision to place the city’s identity in the Department of Science and Technology is a specialty of the Ministry of Science, and we are pleased with that.

Zulfi Gul stated that this understanding will help the Ministry of Science in matters such as linking universities scattered throughout the city of Tehran, and said: This increase will increase the cost of the university. Therefore, the municipality can help to change the use of university property, cooperate in the discussion of municipal lands, merge the university into one campus in different places, and of course the municipal fees are paid in full. .

According to Shahr, the Minister of Science, Research and Technology listed the establishment of a science park in Tehran Province as one of the other points of this memo and added: We are trying to obtain the best scientific documentation. Statues of people in the park are open to the public. Also, based on this note, the professors are trying to study and understand more closely the problems of the city and municipality, and the Ministry of Science will present its research capabilities and results to the municipality. Articles and research topics for students and professors According to the needs of the municipality and with the help of the university community, the city of Tehran will become a smart and vibrant city and we will witness the decisions of the municipality. The municipality relies mostly on knowledge and science.

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