Statement of the Ministry of Information about the poisoning of students from a number of schools

The Ministry of Information issued a statement regarding the poisoning of some students in a number of schools in the country.

According to the informants, the text of the statement is as follows:

God’s name
With sincere congratulations and best wishes on the occasion of the birth of Masoud Qayem Al-Muhammad, the master of time and time, Imam Hujjah bin Al-Hassan Al-Mahdi (PBUH) to all those waiting. His appearance and a humble prayer to hasten his death. The Mujahideen of the Great Rule of Struggle and Jihad are proud that the blessed birth of His Holiness, the Greatest Guardian of God has been called the “Day of the Unknown Soldier of the Imam of the Time” and they always seize this auspicious occasion as an opportunity for renewal. Their unbreakable loyalty to the Imam of Waiting, to the Imams of the Islamic Revolution, that they are the legitimate representatives of His Holiness, and they identify and identify with the noble nation of Iran.

Unknown soldiers are approaching Imam Zaman (PBUH), the last days of the year, which are full of various intelligence and security events that cannot be reviewed in this brief, and we hope that we will describe the procedures to our dear children at an appropriate and appropriate opportunity. ; However, regarding the issue of the poor condition of some students of a number of schools in the country that occurred in recent weeks, he reminds the noble Iranian nation that the officials of this ministry entered the field from the first events that occurred in the country. And the holy city of Qom initiated the necessary investigation, and these investigations became the basis for the introduction of some other devices related to the subject. Then, in parallel with the repetition of similar events, they focused more and more on this issue and expanded the scope of research.

Although the causes of some previous incidents were discovered through a series of investigations and follow-ups, the impossibility of scientific generalization of the discovered cases to all reported cases urges thinking about reporting until correct results are obtained that can be generalized to other cases. had become.

And now, after the decisive and obedient orders of the Wise Leader of the Islamic Revolution (Mazelleh Al-Ali) in the statements of March 15 regarding those events and after the presence of His Excellency the President of the Republic on March 16, Ayatollah Dr. The Supreme of Tradition, the respected Friday Imams, the parents of distinguished students and other groups. And the sons of the noble Iranian nation, the unknown soldiers of Imam Zaman (pbuh), confirm with all their strength, experience, and equipment that they will continue their comprehensive information, security and technical investigations, and continuous follow-up around the clock. And tirelessly and in cooperation with all affiliated agencies and interfering with the country’s powerful intelligence community, until a decisive and final result is achieved, in this way they will definitely not be shy about sacrificing their lives.

The unknown and selfless Mujahideen of Iran, Islam and the Islamic Ummah have faced many challenges and complex situations before, and with the grace of God Almighty and their return to the Ahl al-Bayt of innocence and purity and with their own sacrifices, they have overcome challenges and issues hostile to security and are confident, and in this case also with the prayers of the honorable people of Iran they succeed hopefully.

In the end, he appeals to the understanding in Iran, especially the parents of dear students, not to pay attention to the bad rumors of foreign media and cyberspace, which are produced and spread with the aim of violating human psychological security. And reading confirmed news in this regard only from receiving official authorities in the country, including news, radio reports, and statements of the Ministry of Interior.

March 17, 1401

Public relations at the Ministry of Information

the end of the letter

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