Tehran’s privacy protection requires the cooperation of all privacy related devices

During the field visit by the deputy governors of Tehran and the thirteenth district of Tehran province, privacy issues and issues in the region were discussed and the comprehensive cooperation of all agencies and bodies concerned with protecting the region was emphasized.

According to the informants, Abdul Maliki, the technical and civil deputy of Tehran province, Sadeghi, the director of privacy, Muhammad Hadi Ali Ahmadi, the mayor of District 13, and a delegation of representatives and managers met. privacy area

The meeting was also attended by a representative of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, a representative of the Housing Corporation and the head of District 13, and issues and challenges related to the field of statistics and the same procedures were discussed. Protecting privacy and dealing with organizational and construction violations.

Abdul Maliki, Deputy Governor of Tehran for Civil Engineering, said: “Good coordination took place during the last visit, and this approach led to the creation of joint literature among the responsible authorities and increased oversight and supervision of the duties of the land and local municipalities.”

Muhammad Hadi Ali Ahmadi, mayor of District 13, also explained and dealt with issues and problems related to the city of Jitun, Asmaa Hamsin, Hajarabad, Sarkha and the Harem region. Collaborate with all relevant agencies to address these issues.

The mayor of District 13 said that the purpose of this joint visit is to express the promise of greater synergy between the municipality, the governor and the governor, and to protect communications and privacy, and said, “This synergy will lead to effective performance.”

According to the Public Relations of District 13 Municipality, it has observed privacy standards and plans to develop appropriate solutions in the city of Tehran and continues: With cooperation, we have seen a decrease in the trend of violations in the district.

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