A festival to encourage and promote ideas

The sixth edition of the Sojko Idea Festival will be held with the aim of encouraging and promoting ideas in the student, student and freelance categories.

According to the informants, The 6th Sabzkoh Idea Festival will be held in Sharm Mahal and Bakhtiari districts with the aim of encouraging and promoting the best talents and elite to generate ideas in the fields of students, students and freebies this year.

Agriculture, environment, art, basic sciences, technology, engineering, nanotechnology, humanities, and medicine are the main themes of this event.

In this year’s Research and Technology Week, the best ideas from the student body will be honored, and in next year’s Research Week, winners from the Student and Independent categories will be honored. The winners of this event will also benefit from the facilities of scientific and research centers and growth centers in the process of transforming ideas into products.

According to the information base of the National Elite Foundation, those interested in the field of students until December 20, and the category of students and freelancers until February 20, must refer to the system to participate in this event.

The secretariat of the 6th Suzhekuh Idea Festival is the Health Technology Development Center of Shahrekard University of Medical Sciences.

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