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According to an online reporter, Hojjatoleslam Musa Ahmed said at a gathering of journalists in Kangan on Sunday evening: We had important plans during our trip to Qatar and had good meetings with Qatari officials.

He placed the development of contacts with Qatar as one of the main priorities and continued: We have held good meetings with Qatari officials, especially in the industrial, energy and marine sectors, and I will continue to fully exploit the potential of the southern region. . In these interactions

The representative of southern Bushehr province in the Islamic Council announced the strengthening of the infrastructure in the south of the province in cooperation with the administration of the program and budget of the province, pointing to the exploitation of all energies to improve the situation. south of the province.

He described improving the recruitment status of the civil forces in southern Bushehr province as a priority, and said: We will have the necessary supervision over the process of accepting the forces so that the rights of the civil forces are not lost.

Hojjat al-Islam al-Ahmadi, referring to the meeting with the directors of petrochemicals and holdings to use the legal capacity to hire local forces, emphasized: During the president’s visit and in all the talks, the use of local manpower in the field of energy was emphasized. . We did. industry.”

He announced the follow-up to improve the situation of Kangan Hospital, and added: Kangan Hospital and its problems have been my preoccupations since the first day of entering Parliament again and we are constantly working to solve the problems.

The representative of Kangan, Jam, Asaliya and Dir in parliament said: With the joint entry of the ministries of oil and health, 100 billion tomans will be allocated for debt repayment, equipping and repairing Kangan Hospital, as well as flood relief. . It is important to take measures along with the study and investigation of the hospital along with the current conditions of the hospital.

He reported on the follow-up and half-completed school projects and said: We have followed the current capabilities of Hakkangan State University and Petroleum College, and this can be achieved if scientists cooperate.

Referring to the preparations to establish a home for the press and other journalists’ associations in the south of the governorate to support the media, Al-Ahmadi continued: “There were good consultations in the field of sports from the city and good news will be announced. So.” .

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