Accompanied by the convoy of Nurul Islam Road, Azad Ilam University

According to the regional group of Anna News Agency from Ilam, the head of the leadership body of the Islamic Azad University in Ilam, the head of the student department, the head of the student department of the Islamic Azad University in Iramek, a group of officials and employees of the Islamic Azad University

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The students of Shahrakad Islamic Azad University will be sent to Rahn Noor camp

The president of the Islamic Azad University in the province of Islam said at the ceremony: “The discourse of the Islamic revolution has been shaped by the culture of self-sacrifice and martyrdom, and we must take steps to establish a Sufi regime.” The way and method of martyrdom and guardianship.

Behrouz Nasseri added: “The students should be the future makers of Islamic Iran and the young soft war officers, and rely on the weapon of commitment and experience in various fields.”

“Rahyan Nour camp is a unique opportunity to learn more about the courage, endurance and martyrdom of the martyrs and fighters of Islam,” he said. Dr. Azad, President of the Islamic Azad University in Tehran, has always emphasized jihadist camps and the path of light, and Basij students should take advantage of these opportunities to gain scientific, practical and spiritual experiences.

The head of the representative body of the Leadership Foundation of Islamic Azad University in Ilam province said: “Every nation should review its glorious past and highlight the glorious dimensions of its history. Every human being has a happy memory, and every nation has a general memory.” If this public memory is properly strengthened, we will face fewer challenges in Public decisions such as elections.

Hojjat al-Islam and Muslims Amir Hadithzadeh added: “We have a duty to strengthen our public memory and the courage of our youth in 8 years of sacred protection is one of these cases.”

He said, “If we verify with ourselves that we have such young people and that we are armed to the teeth and have the ability to confront the enemy, today we can assure our youth that we will win a new joint war.”

“The presence of the students in Rahn Nour camp strengthens the public memory and the promises of today’s youth,” Hadizadeh said.

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