The Turkish Coast Guard saved the lives of 14 refugees in the Aegean Sea

According to the report of the international group of the online news agency, Turkish media announced that a Turkish coastal patrol rescued 14 refugees from danger of death on Sunday.

According to the “Tart” news website, the Greek authorities illegally returned these people to Turkish territorial waters.

The Turkish Coast Guard announced the nationalities of the survivors from Yemen, Sudan and Eritrea, adding that after the necessary procedures, the refugees were transferred to the Immigration Department.

Turkey is an important transit point for asylum seekers and illegal immigrants who head to Europe in the hope of a better life. North African countries such as the Maghreb, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Mauritania have also witnessed the efforts of immigrants, especially from southern African countries. Saharan African countries to reach Europe. While some migrants manage to reach their destination, others often die during the journey.

Turkish police also announced the arrest of human smugglers who were planning to illegally transport 41 migrants across the Aegean Sea. Turkey and international rights groups have repeatedly denounced Greece’s illegal action in pushing back asylum seekers and irregular migrants, saying the measure endangers the lives of vulnerable asylum seekers and migrants, including women and children.

The latest UNHCR report shows that more than 110 million people were displaced last year due to war, climate and humanitarian crises (more details).

In a recent tragic accident on the Greek coast, hundreds of refugees perished when their boat capsized. 300 Pakistani refugees perished in this boat.

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