Muqtada al-Sadr: The Arab countries should close the Zionist embassies

According to the report of the International Group of the News Agency on the Internet, the leader of the Sadrist movement in Iraq, Syed Muqtada al-Sadr, in response to the missile attacks from southern Lebanon on the Zionist settlements located in northern occupied Palestine, demanded the closure of the Zionist embassies in the Arab countries.

By posting a message on his Telegram channel, Al-Sadr wrote that after some Israeli cities protested against Zionist politicians, the evil of this regime, Benjamin Netanyahu, touched a sore spot and started violence in the Holy of Holies and Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Indicating that Netanyahu was trying to get rid of his opponents with this measure, the leader of the Iraqi Sadrist movement said: The terrorist attacks of the Zionists also took place against the religious sanctities in Palestine, and they should have been prevented.

Pointing out that the first solution is for the Arab countries to quickly close the embassies of the Zionist regime in their countries, and he continued: These embassies are embassies of evil. If this matter is not helpful, another serious attitude must be taken.

In the end, al-Sadr asked God to preserve the sanctities and the people of Palestine and to consider their struggle and fasting acceptable in His presence.

This is despite the firing of more than 100 missiles from southern Lebanon this afternoon towards the Zionist settlements in northern Palestine, after which the alarm bells rang in these settlements.

Residents of the city of “Nahariya” in northern occupied Palestine said that after these attacks, buildings shook and at least three huge explosions occurred that had not occurred in the past few years.

Al-Jazeera news channel reported that the Iron Dome system intercepted new targets in the skies of Galilee, and sirens sounded relentlessly and non-stop in Israeli settlements located on the border with Lebanon.

Some Hebrew sources, including the Kan network, said that this volume of missile attacks was unprecedented since the Second Lebanon War. Channel 14 reported that 100 rockets were fired at Israeli settlements within 10 minutes. For now, the rocket fire continues unabated.

While the Zionists claimed that Iron Dome intercepted the missiles, the published photos and videos of these attacks show that most of these missiles hit the targets and that this system only managed to intercept a few missiles.

Regarding the consequences of these attacks, the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the holding of a high-level security meeting chaired by Netanyahu. The purpose of this meeting is to review developments related to these attacks.

And about the losses recognized by the Zionists so far, the Zionist media says that three settlers were wounded in the missile attacks today.

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