Support of the Municipal Sports Organization in Tehran for emerging sports projects

The CEO of Tehran Municipal Sports Organization announced the holding of the eighth technical program of Tehran Municipality under the slogan “Citizenship of Sports” and said: We invite all knowledge-based companies and start-ups to participate in this event and present creativity and innovation. . Planning for the development of citizenship sports and helping to create health and vitality in the community.

According to the informants, Ozaghi considered this event as another step in meeting the sporting needs of citizens and pointed out: The eighth technical event of Tehran Municipality in cooperation with the Ministry of “Smart Tehran” called InoSport: “In order to encourage the use of modern and modern equipment.” “Development of citizens’ physical activities,” “Spaces and Sports” and “Using new tools for creating, informing and evaluating centers” and “Supervising and controlling facilities and maintaining sports complexes”.

The CEO of the Tehran Municipal Sports Organization stressed: Expanding the scope of sexual sports and providing excellent services to the citizens of Tehran is one of the goals of this organization, and to achieve it, it is necessary to draw a future road map and identify existing challenges. . Good

He continued: In this regard, major issues and challenges in the field of citizen sports were identified and sports complexes within the scope of the organization were identified. On the other hand, the need to comply with leadership requirements provided the basis for implementing this program and inviting knowledge-based companies and start-ups.

Ogagi referred to the establishment of two types of events in the past years and added: In the past, two artistic events were held in the field of general sports with the name “Sports Show” and “Sportek”.

He continued: The “Inugame” application is a very effective application in encouraging and encouraging different groups to exercise in the difficult days of Corona, as a result of holding such programs.

The CEO of the Municipal Sports Organization in Tehran emphasized: We support startups active in this field with all our might so that they can achieve the objectives of the sports organization through the implementation of municipal policies and urban management procedures. .

Referring to the holding of this virtual event, Ojaghi considered that the presence of start-ups and knowledge-based companies is free and added: Those interested can go to BAHAM.TEHRAN.IR to present their projects.

According to the Tehran Municipal Sports Organization news website, this program will start from the 5th of Shahrivar and the twelfth day of Shahrour, and the webinar and preliminary questions and answers will be held through the above address. The deadline for submitting works is also expected to be until October 28, and the results of the evaluation will be announced on October 5, coinciding with the start of Physical Education Week, and the winners will be announced to receive valuable prizes. .

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